In & Out Urgent Care | New Orleans Walk-in Clinic - Call Now: (504) 864-8080 Walk-ins welcome! Our walk-in clinic is located in New Orleans, Louisiana across from Tulane Stadium. Flu shots, testing, and more!

  • Now Open | In & Out Urgent Care - Here at In & Out Urgent Care, we treat patients on a Walk-In basis with no appointment necessary. We provide care for various pain and illnesses. Call Now.
  • Walk-In Clinic | In & Out Urgent Care - Here at In & Out Urgent Care, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide a sense of urgency for our patients. Children welcome! Call Now: (504) 864-8080
  • Why Choose Us For Urgent Care In New Orleans? - Our Urgent Ceare clinics are built on providing patient care and understanding the value of your time. Walk-Ins welcome. We treat many various conditions.
  • Amazing Urgent Care In New Orleans - Here at In & Out Urgent Care, New Orleans, LA, we always provide our patients with the most effective care with a sense of urgency. We value your time.
  • What is Urgent Care? | In & Out Urgent Care - Faster than an emergency room, here at In & Out Urgent Care your time is valuable. Our goal is to provide you with the best care, as swiftly as possible.
  • Benefits of Urgent Care | In & Out Urgent Care - Here at In & Out Urgent Care, New Orleans, LA, we won't make you wait long periods of time just to pay high deductibles. Your health and time are valuable.
  • New Orleans Urgent Care vs. ER | In & Out Urgent Care - The difference between an ER and an Urgent Care or Walk-In Clinic is the wait times. We here at In & Out value you and your child's time. You will recieve the...
  • Patient Services | In & Out Urgent Care - At In & Out Urgent Care, we offer many patient services relating to childcare, employment, and overall health and immunization. Call Us Now: (504) 864-8080
  • General Illness Treatment In New Orleans, Louisiana - From allergies and animal bits to colds and cuts, we can protect you and your family with many varying treatments. Call Us Now: (504) 864-8080
  • Injuries & Sports Injury | In & Out Urgent Care - In & Out Care in New Orleans, LA will treat all of your injuries. Walk-Ins are welcome and your time is very important to us. Call Now: (504) 864-8080
  • Flu Shots & Vaccinations | In & Out Urgent Care - We administer flu shots and vaccinations on a daily basis. Walk-ins are always welcome! Call our New Orleans, LA Urgent Care center now: (504) 864-8080
  • Physicals | In & Out Urgent Care - We offer physicals for work, school, sports, etc. here at our New Orleans, LA Walk-In Clinic and Urgent Care Center. Call Now to schedule: (504) 864-8080
  • Lab Services | In & Out Urgent Care - At In & Out Urgent Care, we handle many different lab services to provide our patients with the best most extensive results. Walk-Ins are welcome!
  • On-Site Prescriptions | In & Out Urgent Care - Coming soon, In & Out Urgent Care will be offering prescriptions on-site to better serve our patients and their time-sensitive schedules...
  • Pediatric Care | In & Out Urgent Care - Walk-Ins are always welcome here at In & Out Urgent Care in LA. Pediatricians are also on-site to help your children with various pediatric care needs...
  • Other Patient Services | In & Out Urgent Care - At In & Out Urgent Care in LA, we have many different patient services to offer the community of New Orleans and surrounding areas. Call Now: (504) 864-8080
  • Occupational Medicine | In & Out Urgent Care - From drug and alcohol testing to work related injuries and orthopedic supplies, we can cover all of your needs relating to occupational medicine...
  • Further Information | In & Out Urgent Care - The excellent care we provide does not end when you walk out the door. Our staff will follow up with you after your visit and also to answer any questions.
  • Clinical Trial Program | In & Out Urgent Care - Our clinical research program will help provide the community with more cutting-edge treatments to various illnesses and injuries. Call Now: (504) 864-8080
  • Payment | New Orleans Urgent Care - When you receive your statements from us, please review your statement and make sure that you understand your benefits. Call Now: (504) 864-8080
  • Billing & Payment | In & Out Urgent Care - We accept all major health insurance* and credit cards. We also accept Tulane health insurance and Splash Cash (Tulane debit). Call Now: (504) 864-8080
  • Understanding Your Benefits | In & Out Urgent Care - Most insurance providers require that you make a co-payment at the time of your services. Call In & Out Urgent Care in New Orleans, LA today: (504) 864-8080
  • Careers | In & Out Urgent Care - We are always interested in meeting talented individuals. Visit this page to see our current New Orleans, LA openings. Call Now: (504) 864-8080
  • Hydrate Here | In & Out Urgent Care - Hydrate Here utilizes IV injections to deliver fluids, medications, vitamins, & other nutritional supplements directly into your bloodstream: (504) 864-8080
  • Locations | In & Out Urgent Care - Walkins Are Welcome! In & Out New Orleans Urgent Care, Uptown New Orleans Location Located in University Village Shopping Center (Across from Tulane...

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