Indiana Equality - Dedicated to securing basic rights for Indiana’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) citizens, Indiana Equality has two primary objectives – amending Indiana’s Civil Rights law to protect against discrimination based on either sexual orientation or gender identity, and ensuring that relationship protections for LGBT couples and families are not outlawed by an amendment to the State Constitution.

  • Indiana Equality: We've Moved the Indiana Equality Blog! - We've moved! The Indiana Equality Blog has moved to our brand new digs over at Let us know what you think!
  • Indiana Equality: The US Census reports over 130,000 gay same-sex marriages - NPR today reported that "the number of gay Americans telling the U.S. census they're living with same-sex partners nearly doubled in the past decade, to about 650,000 couples. And more than 130,000 recorded partners as husband or wife." Read the Full Article at NPR
  • Indiana Equality: IE Action Vice President Don Sherfick Interviewed about State Fair Tragedy in Chicago Tribune - The Chicago Tribune recently reached out to our own Indiana Equality Action Vice President Don sherfick regarding the State Fair tragedy and its impact on same-sex partnership rights. Don commented "It's really ironic that that border can make all that difference in the world," he said. "We were really happy to see that Illinois was able to pass civil unions and is on the right track. But a state line shouldn't make a difference." Read the full article in the Chicago Tribune
  • Indiana Equality: Indianapolis City Council will have 3 openly gay candidates on the ballots - The Indianapolis Star has news of this year's first openly gay cabdidates for Indianapolis' city-county council. From the article "Indianapolis has quietly passed a milestone in this year's City-County Council race: the first openly gay major-party candidate. And the second. And the third." Read More at The IndyStar:
  • Indiana Equality: Gay conservatives slam Santorum for debate answer on DADT - Log Cabin Republicans and GOProud issued sharply worded statements Thursday night after GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum said he would reinstate "don't ask, don't tell." Santorum was responding to a question from Stephen Hill, a gay soldier stationed in Iraq, who asked whether candidates would "circumvent the progress" made by gay and lesbian troops. Some in the debate audience booed Hill after he asked his question via YouTube video. The New Civil Rights Movement/The New Civil Rights Movement (9/22) Summary from Smart Brief's Gay Politics Report
  • Indiana Equality: Obama urges world to protect rights of gays, lesbians - President Barack Obama made an explicit appeal for gay rights in remarks Wednesday at the United Nations. "[N]o country should deny people their rights because of who they love, which is why we must stand up for the rights of gays and lesbians everywhere," Obama told the leaders of U.N. member countries in a section of his speech about empowering the world's citizens. "Never before has a sitting U.S. president spoken so clearly about LGBT rights in a formal address to the full General Assembly," said Mark Bromley, chairman of the Council for Global Equality. Washington Blade (9/21),
  • Indiana Equality: Don't Ask Don't Tell is Officially Done - The day has come and another step towards GLBT equality has been taken - Don't Ask Don't Tell is officially repealed. Today please take moment to celebrate this important milestone. For years gay and lesbian service members have had to serve in silence or risk being discharged. Today those discriminatory restrictions have been lifted. This step forward should serve as a way to embolden all of us to embrace and support further change. Learn More - Read the full article on the Repeal of DADT on NPR

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  • ryan - Slush mats!

    Great product, I needed these things really bad, because of the crappy weather in Misery and not a moment to soon, it started snowing as soon as put them in!

  • Patrick H. Nguyen - great system and a worthy follow-up to the 360

    If you had a great time with the 360, you'll have an even better time with the One. Hardware. It's a little bigger than the original 360 console. It's much quieter than the 360. Bluray movies look and sound great on the One's BluRay drive which is slot-loading. The hard drive is now internal like with the 360 S console. Currently, it comes with a 500 GB internal hard drive but will soon have external hard drive support which allows you to install games and other things. This is a good setup because it means you can keep adding hard drives for more storage. Better than replacing the internal hard drive which means you are losing 500GB by swapping drives (i.e., with the swapping method, if you buy a 2 GB drive and replace the internal 500 GB drive, you are paying for a 2 GB drive but you're only gaining 1.5 GB of space).

  • Alice Dixon - Does everything I need

    I got a new MacBook Pro, and the Office for Mac I had been using on my old G4 would not work on it. The price of the new one was very reasonable. Some functions turned out to be a bit different, of course, but it was relatively easy to make any changes through preferences and other means. Happily, Office works well with Apple's new operating system. For example, swiping two fingers upward on a Word, Excel or any other page actually moves that page upward. No more fussing with scroll bars. (I have to dumb myself down when I use my husband's old PC.) Some people may be upset with the new way Find works, but it is so much better. No dialog box. Just the search word at top right. Be sure to hit the ESC key when done.

  • David K. Banker - The software itself is very good and easy to use and understand

    The software itself is very good and easy to use and understand, but you are in big trouble if you need to call the "800" number. The wait is very a half hour...and when you get someone, they may not be able to help you, and if they try to transfer, you get several "please wait" recordings before being told that "your call can not be completed, call again" followed by a hang up. It took me three calls with a total wait time of nearly an hour and a half to finally get someone who could correct an activation code. So I split the difference...five stars if it all works without the need for "customer service" and one star if you need someone to help you.

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    This book looks like a new one ~!~ How beautiful it is~!~ I like it~!~ When I received the book, it's cover made me feel awful, I hope that could be changed a little bit better looking... However, the book inside is perfect what I want~!~ Thanks~!~

  • Theresa M. Studer - Great Fragrance, Non Drying Purple Shampoo!

    It's Purple! Oh happy dance. This John Frieda Blonde Shampoo has a wonderfully light fragrance and it suds up with just using a bit. My daughter says it didn't dry out her hair like some others do and it made her hair brighter after just a couple of uses. She has two different colors of blonde in her hair and neither were brassy looking. Tina says it works just as well as the colour renewing shampoo she bought a few weeks ago for more $$. Now she needs to get the conditioner to go with it in order to see the full effects but so far she is pleased and that's what counts.

  • Canadian Gypsy - Almost 5 stars - solid 4 without question ...

    Not bad - needed a ton of updates out of the box - to be perfectly expected - found my 5ghz network without issue - WAP - wasnt recognized - no biggie - all the updates worked perfectly - no speed issues - plugged in a 64gig Samsund sd card - worked with no drama's ...

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