Review: - infection, infectiologie, maladies infectieuses, maladies transmissibles, maladies tropicales, antibiotiques, antibiothérapie

Country:, Europe, IT

City: 12.1097 , Italy

  • Gordon Jones - Does Not Make Waffles!

    Completely useless. Does not make waffles. I bought this to make waffles. Now I will have to buy a waffle maker instead.

  • Matt - Great for whaterver i need it for

    This knife may not fit the needs for you. Or it might do everything you wanted and more. If your thinking of hetting it just do it you wont be disappointed

  • Louis - Good Printer, Good Price!

    I purchased this printer and had it shipped international by a mail forwarder in Miami. It was packaged well, came with the driver disk. Worked fine on Windows 7, Vista and XP. It does NOT work on Windows 8. There is a way to force Windows 8 to allow unsigned drivers and it could work but I did not play with it much. Why would you use Windows 8 for a POS though? Just use XP or 7.

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