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  • General_Choi_Young! - The author does a beautiful job of helping you understand how to meditate so ...

    This is a very well written book on meditation, its benefits and the different types. The author does a beautiful job of helping you understand how to meditate so you can get started right away and reduce the anxiety and stress in your life. If you're looking for a great, informative and helpful introduction to meditation, then this is the book for you too! The book gives great background and context on meditation, which helped me understand it more, and then goes into benefits before giving a clear description of how you can put it into practice yourself

  • digby2005 - I can't wait to read the next book in the series!

    While I admire the reviewers who write detailed book reviews, I'm too impatient to start reading the next book to write my own detailed report (and probably would not be adding anything that hasn't already been said) BUT, I also rely on the reviews to help decide which books to read so feel it's only fair to get my 5 stars included in the numbers. I thought it was a great suspense novel with just the right amout of romance/smut :) My only negative comment is while reading this on a kindle, there was no page break, font change or anything to note that you were now reading from another character's perspective. Granted, it only took a few sentences to realize you were no reading from the killer's perspective vs. Lacey', etc, but I feel like it would have been something very simple to add a page break, a row of ********, or a header LACEY when it switches. That said, I've already bought and started the 2nd in the series so this is clearly a minor annoyance and didn't affect my overall impression or enjoyment of the book

  • Candy K. Woodward - Hope you don't have to deal with customer service

    I don't know about the product itself. I do know if you have any dealings with customer service you will get nowhere. I have called several times getting nowhere and wanted to talk to a supervisor and was told they where busy and would call me back. Right! Another time could not find any information about my order and wanted my credit card number again. I wouldn't give it. This to me is pretty bad customer service, plus they are very hard to understand.

  • Amazon Customer - Love this product!!!

    I purchased the flex belt in hopes to lift and tone before my approaching honeymoon. Within the last 30 days, I have faithfully used the flex belt and have noticed a world of difference!! My fiancé has also become a "firm" believer!! The stimulation from the belt is very tolerable and quite nice in my opinion. I actually look forward to it every day! I stand behind this product 100% & will continue using it beyond my "honeymoon trip"!!

  • margie - Don't waste your money..

    Please save your money. This is the biggest waste of 200.00, the company should be ashamed... They never inform you when you buy this, that you are committed to a lifetime of purchasing the gel pads, which only last 2or 3 sessions.. And the worst part, is that it is uncomfortable, annoying and doesn't the time I found this out, it was too late to I am stuck with a 200.00 piece of nothing that I will not continue to use, because I am not buying anymore gel pads...terrible terrible product...

  • Jack L. Roberts - Good knife.

    This is a good knife for general use. I would not rely on this for heavy duty work but, it would be very sufficient for light use.

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