Integra Website - STIL ( Iron and Steel Industry Ltd. ) is a modern technology steel OEM plants for producing Seamless and Welded Pipes.

Country:, Europe, PL

City: 18.7833 Silesian Voivodeship, Poland

  • Nancy - Excelent for an average phone...

    For the money you have is an excellent product. The Blu was used for one year without major problems. The case is very easy to scratch, no options anywhere liners and as I started adding apps run slower. But again, if there is a budget phone that can serve as a basic smartphone is it. In the "economic" range, for me, this is the best you can buy.

  • Ivan - The best guide to forming effective GRE question-solving habits

    I started preparing for the GRE with the Kaplan book, but after a friend's advice switched to this one and immediately loved it.

  • Brian - 2 thumbs down

    This is the second Razer product I have bought in the last 3 years or so. For both, quality was/is simply not there. The macro software is annoying and time-consuming to edit. I have no idea why they call this "stealth edition". It's the loudest keyboard I have ever had. ** Most importantly, the keys are spamming. Right now it's the "D" key mostly. The keyboard is less than a month old. I'm not impressed with any of it. I'm done with Razer. They do a great job with the aesthetic design, but function and performance are not there.

  • C. Holmes - I Stopped Playing at Inferno Simply Because It Was No Longer FUN

    I've stopped playing D3 simply because after I reached Inferno difficulty, it simply wasn't fun. I cleared Act 1 on Inferno using my Demon Hunter, just to see if things would change or improve, particularly with the continuing small patches and updates. But if anything, the updates have actually gone backwards leaving the game even less fun and more boring, which is really quite surprising.

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