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  • https://ipadwisdom.com/2015/10/28/free-apps-for-tracking-your-kids-and-keeping-them-safe-this-halloween-share-location-track-and-treat/ Free Apps for tracking your Kids and Keeping them Safe this Halloween: Share Location, Track and Treat - iPadWisdom.com - Free Apps that Share Location for Halloween Kids Safety. Give kids freedom. Treat mom to peace of mind.

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  • K. Bug - Strong smell is hard to deal with

    I can't use regular lotions any more, but I have a friend who was looking for a good one, so I gave this to her. It has a really strong smell, and not a very pleasant one. Sort of sour, but not a good smell. It's very thick as well, it's a cream, but exfoliating? So I figured it was more of a bath thing, I don't think that something with pieces in it should be used when you are leaving it on your skin.

  • meghan - Potent vitamin- well worth the money!

    I have tried every vitamin and supplement and diet out their....organic, natural everything...while natural living is the best I think...these are the only vitamins combined with a healthy diet make me have more energy and feel well. I have spent hundreds a month on supplements and they never came close to how these make me noticeably feel. They are by far the most potent vitamin in my book. Thank you for a vitamin I can trust to do its job!

  • Jones - Great Appetite Suppressant

    This product is fantastic four curving and reducing your appetite. However, to lose weight, I had to exercise. Once I did that I started losing weight. I list 6 pounds in 2 weeks so I'm going to continue using it. Also, the flavor is not strong so I felt like I was drinking water.

  • Eleanor Ruby - great product.

    I got my lips tattooed. The cosmetologist that put the permanent lip color in my lips told me that Abreva works best on the lips for the first week after getting the procedure done. She was right. This stuff helped heal my lips fast and made it to where they weren't as flakey that first week after getting the permanent color in my lips. I highly recommend Abreva for the lips.

  • Retro158 - Very pleased with this jacket

    Very pleased with this jacket. It fits as expected and I really like the option to hide the hood. My only critique is that the pockets are a little shallow (easier for things to fall out) and would have liked inner pockets as well. I'd also prefer a double main zipper so that it can be opened up from the bottom.

  • Eagle Bear - This Navage System sucks. lol- I love it.

    This thing really sucks! LOL! It works like ti should and well worth the price if you have nasal issues. Better than shoving medicine down your throat. Healthier. I recommend it highly as well as the dealer. Thank you

  • J. Alan Bock - The prognosis is dismal

    "We are standing today at the edge of the Fourth Great Crash and war in American history," says Thom Hartmann at the beginning of this book. "THe previous three," he says, " were gut-wrenching in their horror and bloodshed but they ultimately transformed America in ways which made this a greater and more egalitarian nation, . . They were predicted by Thomas Jefferson who said that periodic revolutions were necessary for America - and for any democratic state - to flourish and grow. And if they were stalled or blocked, then the ensuing crisis would be all the more intense." He put it best when he said:"If this avenue of periodic revolution] be shut to the call of sufferance, it will make itself be heard through that of force, and we shall go on, as other nations are doing, in the endless cycle of oppression, rebellion, and reformation; and oppression, rebellion, and reformation, again; and so on forever."

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