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  • Lexlie - Hot Flashes are Worse

    I have only 5 days left on my 30 day pack, and the hot flashes have worsened, and I've gained 5 lbs. So I don't like this product.

  • Word for Life - Complex but Productive

    I've used most versions of Word since version 3.0, and most recently Word 97, and Word 2003. For a lot of reasons, I needed to upgrade to Word 2010. I can say I was productive doing complex tasks after about an hour of learning the new interface. Creating tables of contents, bookmarks, and indexes is much easier.

  • Frank Reibold - I prefer Edraw Max 7.9 to SmartDraw CI

    SmartDraw CI is a diagramming software for Windows which ships with lots of templates, e. g. for floor plans, flowcharts, and calendars.

  • Terry - DON'T BUY! TOO COMPLICATED TO USE! Much better alternatives out there, like EaseUS Todo.

    Very complicated to use. The only people who love this are computer repair guys. The average person can't figure out how to use it. It's very complicated to use, with basically ZERO support. EaseUS and others out there are better choices.

  • Brad Little - Would not open

    Came pre-installed on a 2GB Celeron N2840-based laptop running Windows 8.1. The UI refused to open repeatedly over several days. The downloadable Virtual Technician program did not fix the problem. When I uninstalled the program, it finally decided to open the interface, and then froze half-way through uninstalling. On rebooting it does seem to have been removed, however. It may well have worked fine for others here, but not for me.

  • Amazon Customer - Wow! This is what I was looking for. ...

    Wow! This is what I was looking for. No more insect killers in my kitchen any more. I don't see a single living creature except for my family:D

  • Sean - Only book I used

    This book has taught me so much! There are two ways to study for the NCLEX - do question after question and hope you'll learn something from them, essentially cramming every disease known to man in your brain. Or, read about how the questions are formed and what the writers of the exam are looking for - get to know the test maker so you can figure out what they choose is the best answer, even if you don't know the disease!

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