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  • Jennifer Hutt | struggle out loud | jenny hutt - struggle out loud is about jenny being real. too often, we hide behind our social masks and pretend everything is perfect, when in reality, it is not.

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  • Nissa Graun - Great tool for better health

    This book answered many questions related to how fasting can better improve health. I heard of fasting for weight loss and health several years ago, but thought it sounded scary. Now that I eat a high fat, low carb diet, it truly does make fasting so easy. And I love how I feel.

  • Stacy R - Typical pediasure- does the job

    The kids love these. I think they taste a little chalky, but I'm not the one who has to drink them. I wish pedicure wasn't so expensive, but they are as good a price here as anywhere else.

  • Jeanette Joy Fisher - Does not work - Beware of Auto Charges & No product

    I have tried many products. Most do a little to remove or fade my brown sun spots. This product did nothing in over a month. I wish the 17 seconds advertised worked! Also, the company charged me $189 and I never received the next shipment. The "Free Trial" is not free. Read the fine print not showing on your screen.

  • Kelly315 - good, works

    the shake is so good, the cleanse is tasty, but the "snacks" absolutely disgsuting, i'd substitute them with 2 almonds, the shake and cleanse are really great though

  • Rita - It is magic

    This product works wonders. Within a week I saw a huge difference. My vet is always giving me a hard time about my dogs teeth even though I brush them. He gets lots of plaque because of the shape of his mouth. After using Fresh Breath Clean Teeth Gel, now my vet is pleased. It really works like magic and I love that I don't have to use a tooth brush because I apply it better using my finger. My dog is not crazy about the spearmint favor (he does tolerate it and cooperates), but he would like it better if was peanut butter or chicken flavored.

  • Janet Partlow - Help for rheumatoid arthritis

    I've been using the earthing sheet for 3 weeks for help with chronic pain. I am seeing slow, but impressive results. If this is placebo affect, I don't care. I'm getting a lot of help.

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