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  • Danielle - Not helpful enough for me

    While I do not feel this supplement helped with my mood swings due to PMDD (which is what I was hoping for) it did make my period less heavy. Generally my period lasts 4 days with one ridiculously heavy day in the middle. The 2 months I took video I had 5 to 6 light/regular days instead. Not sure if it's worth it for me since I'm on a lot of other meds for an autoimmune disease, and I need better results to justify adding yet another pill to the regime. Plus though I didn't find it to be unpleasant I will mention these pills smell like catnip to me. Maybe it's juat an herbal thing as I haven't tried many other herbal supplements in the past?

  • Susan Hayward - A lost love

    I've been a diehard New Yorker fan for 50 year and, even now, I periodically I re-subscribe. But every time, I find it on the bottom of the pile of magazines to read, the one I never get around to. Seems to me it used to have great fiction and non-fiction and thoughtful pieces on subjects of current interest - it still does, once in a while. But it's just not the magazine I used to love, not anymore. So when my current subscription expires, I probably won't be renewing it. And I'm very sad about that - as I would be at the end of any love affair.

  • David - The oil scents are ok,

    I compared the Lavender and Tea Tree to a previous set by "now" and these smelled borderline bad, I wasn't crazy about any of the other ones either. Lemongrass and Orange smelled synthetically sweet, but for the price I guess I can't complain much.. Likely will buy individual ones from Mothers Market or Whole Foods from now on though.

  • Roy K - worth the money..does its job.

    Stacked with Test freak...between the two I gained decent growth in the one month cycle. Strength increase too...Gained a little weight, but expected..41 years old too, so it helps..

  • Zach - Fantastic reference.

    Concise yet complete. This is a wonderful dictionary for translation and a must have for all English-Esperanto speakers.

  • Angie - Clipart snag but I like the 2012 version

    Having had two previous versions, I decided to purchase the Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe 2012 version in order to get upgraded functions and new artwork. I had it for Christmas and have just installed it.

  • rizbosix - Not the best for younger children.

    Our kids love it, but the game does not work well for our son when playing as the game kept dropping him. Not sure if it is because of his size or just glitchy camera?

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