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  • Bioresonance therapy - discover the future of medicine - BICOM® Bioresonance Therapy is a non-invasive, effective and gentle therapy for treatment and healing the symptoms of illness without damaging side effects.
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  • What is SIBO and do I have it? Find out more from leading Naturopath - SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) is a chronic bacterial infection causing a host of symptoms. Bioresonance and naturopathic treatment can help.
  • Natural solutions for arthritis and joint pain - Jenny Blondel ND - Natural solutions for arthritis and joint pain including naturopathic medicine and bioresonance can achieve pain relief, increased flexibility and mobility.

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  • Amazon Customer - Active read

    Another fast and active read allowing you to experience the scenes as if you were there. Once again my only criticism is the story ends too quickly without resolving some of the actor stories.

  • AmyClimbs - There's a Better NON-TOXIC Solution Out There, Guys!!!

    I'm not one for poison but because I was desperate, I was grateful that Amazon had enough to cover my entire house and get the fleas away! This is easily the best price for the amount you get and the canister is very easy to use and spread. I'd highly recommend against any of the brick-and-motor brands because of the price. But there's a ton of scary stories about more people being highly affected from poison so I continued to do my research while I did the best I could to manage these little suckers!

  • PastorMC - Great product

    Had an instance where my boat's engine would not turn over; after adding Sea Foam, and allowing it to work on the moisture in the gas overnight, the engine cranked on the second try and works well still. I now add sea foam regularly to the gas tank of both my boat and van!

  • Bumblebee - Thick, rich, and nice herbal scent

    Wow, talk about mixed reviews! People seem to either love or hate this shampoo. I'm in the former camp.

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