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  • Mark Tereau - This is good. It has 42 hours of videos

    This is good. It has 42 hours of videos. But that's all it is. I bought this to supplement the training from Professor Teaches, which has simulations of the programs so you get hands-on practice. I find I need to learn Excel. So I have bought a few items to make sure I have it covered.

  • baba000 - waste money !!!!!!

    this cb-r product does not work period .dont trust the reviews you read they all fake .i have been taking it for almost two months and nothing .as someone else said in there reviews its all placebo which mean you eat thinking that the s....t work and thats only your thinking so save your money and spend it on something else .dont be fooled like i did .if i can rate this product less than 0 i would but i got no choice .

  • stacy - PDF File Size is H U G E

    An 8 page B&W text only document yields a 2.5MB file size! How can a company use this product for high volume file storage, when even simple documents are this large?

  • theopa mata - Zeal for LIfe - not for everyone

    I too had heard great things about the product by a good friend who has lost a lot of weight; so i bought the whole kit and caboodle.. after 2 weeks of commited use i started to feel very lathargic, constipated, grumpy, bloated and gassy. i continued to use it through week 3 and still no change.. of course eveyone i talk to has never heard of this happening and all they can talk about is the energy and weight loss.. but none for me.. guess it isn't for everyone..

  • J. Piter - Bought 2 returned 2

    Bought a Nuwave PIC2 at a retail store with a coupon on Friday. Exchanged it Saterday. Tried new one this morning and it was able to scramble an egg, this was better than the first. Just tried it at a higher temperature, 275 and the surface of pan read 450. Removing pan did not give error message. This piece of junk will be boxed yp as soon as it's cool. There is no connection between the displayed temperature and reality. I'm checking temperatures with a non contact infra red thermometer. I asked at the store it many have been returned, was told no. I may be the only one around with a way to measure actual temperature. Only good thing is the shape and where the controls are, but since they really don't control anything in 2 examples, just have to put up with another shape.

  • Catherine O'Neill - Awesome for very curly hair!

    I love this leave in conditioner. I have extremely curly hair and I use this and a curling jelly when I wash my hair. I like this because, unlike other products, you don't have to use a ton of it. It doesn't leave a white residue nor has it flaked either.

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