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  • Laurie Wandell - Excellent results.

    Excellent product. I will definitely buy more. I sure helped get my tea stained teeth back in shape without having to resort to my bleaching regime which is a pain and makes my nerves all sensitive. Don't accidentally drop your open jar in the bathroom like I did. Even after losing half of it on my cabinet doors, rug and shoes I still have enough to last me a long time because you don't use very much. Definitely worth the price.

  • acfuturedirector - great read

    Perfect review of the tumultuous 2012 election. Dan Balz does a great job breaking everything down and shedding light on little known moments during the campaign.

  • Tyler D. Thorne - Easy install, perfect fit.

    Perfect replacement. Just wish the washer fluid dispenser was black like the stock one was. Luckily its removable and easy enough to switch out with your original black one. You just have to be careful not to break the tabs that hold it in.

  • floridaliving - This product is fake

    I ordered it and noticed the jar was plastic and not glass. The formula is very thin and lacks high pigment like the real stuff. Took it to the real benefit and they verified it is FAKE! Do NOT buy!

  • Adriana - ... brushes and I have to say that I really like using them to apply my makeup

    This is my second time owning one of these types of brushes and I have to say that I really like using them to apply my makeup. They apply the makeup so evenly and flawlessy, which makes my skin look so smooth. This particular brush is at first glance very pretty. The handle is a nice rose gold color and the bristles are a nice shade of brown. The brush portion is soft on the face and applies the makeup smoothly. The handle has a nice grip on and it makes it easy to control the brush as I use it. It came in a nice box, that I decided to keep for storage.

  • R. Salem - Cheap & Worthless

    First off, I didn't get mine from Amazon - wish I had, because I could return it. Mine was given to me by a thoughtful relative. "Oh, it will be easier for the kids & grandkids when they come over," she said. How wrong she was. Couldn't sell it at a garage sale for $30. At the end of the day, some lady beat me up until I let it go for $15 just two weeks ago.

  • El Prof - Just What I Needed

    Needed a quick, simple and inexpensive POE solution for a non POE Amcrest camera. Easy to install and works like a charm. Fyi, also supports my older Foscam pan/tilt cameras.

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