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  • da Vinci® General Surgery - General Surgery - Chicago - Des Plaines, Illinois - Surgical Oncology - Breast - Laparoscopy - Single Incision - Robotic Gallbladder Surgery -  Is a condition in your digestive tract affecting your health? The digestive tract is made of the liver, pancreas, gallbladder, and gastrointestinal tract.

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    City: -75.7044 Delaware, United States

  • Rosie Finley - Live a Pain-free life is Possible thanks to Flexoplex

    This product has changed my life. It has given me remarkable results and I have shared it with everyone that I come in contact with especially at the doctors office. I was taking the steroid shots for years because of the inflammation in my body. In 2006 I was hit by a vehicle while doing my health walk. The trauma my body experienced was years of chronic pain. The pain medicine was temporary; it reminded me of a band aid; it only covered the pain but it did not cure the symptoms. The ONLY relieve of the chronic pain, inflammation, stiffness and soreness, FLEXOPLEX, This product is absolutely Amazing! I have shared my testimony with so many people. I started my mother, and many others on this product. I am a walking testimony to many people because they saw my condition prior to Flexoplex, walking with a cane and using a walker for assistance. I no longer have need of a walker or a cane. I am so blessed to have a pain free life, I recently started going back to the gym, and I can't wait to share the products with others.

  • Johnny - Don't waste your time

    Couldn't get past the first half. Wasn't exactly low budget, many locations/houses/bars, etc., and a bunch of actors, but just sucked. Bad movie, bad actors.

  • Macie - Very Poor Product

    Sorry I bought this -but my PC was struck by lightning & had to buy a new PC-I was concerned that old version was not compatible with windows 7. Old version was Print Master Platinum Version 18.

  • Brianna Herbert - water, food, and mold grows in the handles and outside corners and there's no way to reach it!

    Buyers beware, the pitchers have small cavities where water collects in the outside corners and handles, leading to rotting food, in turn mold. This happened to both of my pitchers! Upon calling the company, they sent me replacements for both but was willing to do nothing more. I was also told that the pitchers are not under the warranty and that they would not be able to continue to replace them if the problem should continue. I find I am afraid to use them for fear of this happening again and rendering my expensive blender worthless and a health risk if I should try to continue using it with mold present after the fact. I must metnion too that I did not put these in the dishwasher. I simply placed them in the sink and washed them and this was the result. I can't imagine putting them in the dishwasher would resolve the problem of water getting up in these nooks and sitting, if anything I would think it would cause more of an issue. The company refused to allow me to send it back for a refund in that I didn't buy it from them directly. I called Kohls where I bought it 4 months prior and told them the problem, as always Kohls was very accommodating and told me to bring it back for a refund, even with out the box! Needless to say I am very disappointed in this product. Once I return this I will look for something better quality. Just goes to show that just because something is expensive doesn't always mean it's any good.

  • Chad Swenson - Amazing film getting to he visceral underbelly of Obama's upbringing ...

    Amazing film getting to he visceral underbelly of Obama's upbringing and how he wanted to live vicariously through his father to weaken the country through socialistic tyranny and stripping the wealth of all americans reducing us to a third world country. This film really illustrates how much a scumbag Obama is even though I knew it before he was elected.

  • Leonard Jones - MCAT Prep Rocks!

    Excellent review and prep for the MCAT. Book was as advertised and provides quality information for anyone prepping for the MCAT.

  • Jennifer N. Webb - My Parent Child Testing Product is Great! Really Really Great!

    Help me, I'm scared. Yesterday I was shopping on amazon when I stumbled upon this the Parent Child Testing Product page. I'm a toy collector, so you know, I was checking to see if there were any new Wolverines I don't have... but I saw this and decided to check it out. I DIDN'T ORDER IT! I didn't make any purchases at all. But today I received a box in the mail... they come in a 5-pack...did you see that? I don't know what happened.. but they're here now and I don't know what to do. I thought at first it must be some kind of mistake so I sat the box aside to return tomorrow... that was around 2pm I think. Please you gotta understand... I'm here alone. I need help. The next time I came into the room the box was empty and the five of them were lined up on my coffee table! They've been watching me all afternoon. They remain totally still while I walk around but when I sneak a peek at them suddenly their facing me again, just staring! I'm scared. I think they can hear me so I'm afraid to call the police. And what's worse is that I keep hearing this chittering sound that I swear is coming from the one on the left! I tried to leave the house but they must of known I was fleeing because once I laid my hand on the doorknob it was like all the air went out of the room and the next thing I knew I was laying on the couch RIGHT NEXT TO THE COFFEE TABLE WHERE THEY ARRREE!!! I'm afraid! Please send someone! You gotta understand, I do not have children! I repeat: I do not have a child! ...I think they're here for me... oh god help me...

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