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  • Alex - 2 days of use and already can see an improvement

    This stuff is so good it's scary. I've used it 3-4 times in the past couple of days since I got it, and already the dead, thick ugly skin under my nails (that I used to emery-board down when I could) is a little softer and comes out easier with a tool (Tweezerman Pushy & ingrown nail file). Nails are a little whiter, too. (They weren't/aren't as yellow as the ones pictured in the "before" photos on the product's box.) I swear they're even a little less ridged on top.

  • S. Runkle - DO NOT PURCHASE

    It will not install under Windows 8 without jumping through a mountain of hoops. Tech support does NOT exist. I will never buy Roxio products again. Save your money. Nero has Roxio beat this round.

  • HapHazard - Good Product - Poor Installation Experience

    I had an existing McAfee Internet Security subscription for my Acer laptop (which came originally with McAfee), and elected to buy this product from Amazon rather than extend my existing subscription because it was substantially less expensive. The first step in installation is to delete your McAfee products. As others have said, even though you receive a CD, your actually load the product from the McAfee Internet site. The downloading and installation process was straightforward, and did not take overly long. However, when completed, the McAfee Security Center (the user interface) did not run - it opened a blank box and sat there. The actual security programs were loaded and running (task manager verified this), but you had no control or information about them. As other reviewers here experienced, I then contacted McAfee Support, and after an extended remote console operation, the tech applied a fix to the installation and the Security Center was available. The initial installation took about an hour, and an additional hour to repair.

  • Wolf - painful migration

    I used MS Money before, since it MS is stopping support I needed to chage my software. The software works, but many of the features that made Money so simple are lacking. layout is difficult also to navigate. example, when entering a check the enter button is above the line you are working on and the bottom of the previous transaction, several times I have clicked to "enter" and open the transaction before. You can say, well be careful, but I say, lay it out so the target zone is not so critical. I also had 5 times so far when downloading from my bank that transactions did not make it to my register....NEVER happened with Money...good bye old friend

  • M. Carson - "Works" except for saltwater aftertaste in mouth

    This worked well but it made my next two meals taste like they were prepared with saltwater. I drank some water--saltwater again. Ate some ice cream, more saltwater taste. Hey, this might help me lose some weight! No thanks, saltwater ice cream. Anyway, now I only use it for special occasions when I MUST HAVE excellent breath. Or lightly-salted, otherwise-inoffensive breath.

  • Living for the Lord - Democrat voting Trump!

    It helped me decide to vote Trump after sitting on the fence for too long. I'm voting for an "R" for the first time in my 22 years of voting! God Bless Trump, and God Bless America!!

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