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  • Jeronimo R Bedia - PDP hardware is junk!

    Drums disconnect during gameplay. Contacted customer support gave me instructions on how to pair a controller even though I clearly let them know it was disconnecting during gameplay. Still waiting on next tier support to call and see if they're going to replace them. A waste of preordering since it's been nearly a week and the drums are in playable. Harmonix should go back to their previous manufacture, PDP is junk and their customer service is terrible.

  • Babyboomer - It works great.

    My two cockapoo's had bald spots from scratching and biting last summer and even into early winter after the allergy season. after the first bath I could see the difference and after the second most scratching had stopped. Couple of weeks and they were back to normal and now 7 months later it's full summer and still no scratching. Great stuff.

  • Judy Sherman - Buy immediately. The biggest size you can so you don't regret it.

    OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS. I wish there was a 6 star option because I already reviewed their vanilla bean flavor as 5 stars, but I love this one even more! I mix this with just raw cacao + water and it tastes AMAZING. I drink one every day, it's like thick chocolate milk. Very subtle of that chalky protein powder flavor, tastes ever so slightly like uncooked brownies but not unpleasantly so. I have also tried this with added Green Superfood powder and it's also super pleasant. I highly recommend this if you're looking for a plant based protein powder.

  • Kim White - AMAZING cleaning tool.

    I purchased this brand of steamer because of the reviews I read all over the internet. There was a list of must haves I wanted with whatever steamer I choose and this fit the bill. It sanitizes, (not all do). It comes apart to make a handheld steamer so I can use it for grout in the shower, clothing, and sanitizing my mattress. The heat up time is so quick I barely plug it in and its ready to go.(about 20 seconds) I also don't have to let it cool down to fill it up again. It lasts for about 25 minutes, that's plenty of time to clean a room floor. But not a big deal if you need more cleaning time because of the ability to refill immediately and quick heat up time. It has lots of holes in the bottom of the floor cleaner attachment so it doesn't leave a lot of water on the floor and it dries fast. I use it on my laminate floors and it works great, finally no streaks. And I also used it on my Oak cabinets. The dirt grease and grime from years of build up came off so easily. It does not have suction so you must wipe the cabinets off and in my case I needed to use some good ole "AWSOME" to remove excess grease. But it was without any effort. When I did the grout on my counter top, again, after 23 years of buildup and ick it looked great. I have also purchased the Haan ALLPRO hand held but have not tried it. I'll let you know.

  • Gabriel Castro - Quality could be better, way not as expected.

    The item came in a damaged box. There is an area where the sewing in missing and it is open, there is another area where the sewing is the opposite way beyond it should and adding stress to that area. Not happy with the quality, expected way more for the price, way disappointed. Can't return the product because it is more expensive so I will have to deal with the fact that is comes like this.

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