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  • afuneguy - Great glue, works best with SEAL A MEAL l!!!

    Great glue, works best with Seal a Meal!!! So far this glue works great on rubber molding that came loose around my refrigerator door. Saved me probably $25.00 for a new gasket. Many reviews complain that this stuff hardens after it's opened. Okay, try this, get a Food Saver or Seal a Meal machine with an included seal bag, place the bottle in the bag and suck out all the air and seal it. This should prevent air from drying out the glue. If this saves you $7.00 buck please take the time to feed your throw away scraps to a stray dog or cat. Thanks.

  • Keri - If you have pets, long hair or use flowers in your tub you need this !!!!

    Let me say this product is a lifesaver !!!! If you have long hair and pets !!!!!!Also I use botinical flowers in my baths and it caught those too from going into my pipes !! I had purchased this after seeing an ad in my facebook news feed. I had lost the drain stopper in my tub and only had a mesh screen drain catcher installed. Well the mesh screen would get clogged, and gross and my tub would constantly fill with water. I also have a few cats who love to get in the tub and drink water so I have lots of pet hair !!!! I did not upload pics of just how much hair it caught because I dont want to share that huge clump of gross stuff with the world !!! But it was a LOT and now my drains do not get clogged...If I ever move and get a new tub Im taking out the installed drain plug and buying more of these. The tubShroom is simple to clean ,effective , and pleasing to look at !

  • L. Sawyer - helpful

    I bought this for my Dad after he was told he had Cancer and needed a treatment plan to recover. Thank God he has!

  • trackhorse - No Joy Here

    If you like death; loss; murder; suicide; depression; violence; PTSD; hatred of siblings, parents, or children, then this is the volume for you. If you enjoy feeling bad about yourself and the world: go for it. I'm not looking for perpetual sunshine, but a tiny ray to illuminate the literary shadows would have been nice.

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