Inicio - inició formalmente sus operaciones en el año de 1988, desde sus inicios se especializá en la fabricación, comercialización y distribución de Especialidades Farmacéuticas Genéricas (EFG), siendo uno de los laboratorios pioneros en esta área en Bolivia.Desde el año 2001 es una empresa apoyada con la tecnología de Laboratorios IFA S.A., quien se ha hecho cargo de la fabricación y distribución de sus medicamentos. Esta alianza le brinda a Prodexa nuevas oportunidades en su principal misión de ofrecer productos genéricos de calidad, implementando, entre otros, un riguroso control de calidad de las materias primas utilizadas, un alto valor de elaboración de sustancias activas de los productos y una fabricación basada en Buenas Prácticas, aplicada por personal altamente calificado para obtener en cada etapa de fabricación, un control de calidad de alta tecnología.

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  • FruGuru - Happy with it so far

    If it weren't for the very minute complication that the Freedompop brought upon itself, I'd have given it a five stars. The problem I had was with the default wifi password. The default password was supposedly the one printed on the underside of the Photon but in my case, that wasn't the case. In fact, neither of the Network ID and the Password were the actual Network ID and the Password. So I kept trying the same password with different combinations of Security Protocols thinking that was the problem. Then I tried their customer service which was too slow to respond for my liking (which was very unrealistic). Then I resorted to our faithful good friend 'Google' where I found out that the default password was something else. Hence the four stars.

  • Andrew Symons - Great idea

    Our children had a wonderful time pretending to be real archaeologists unearthing the bones. It provided them with some of the frustration of being real scientists, since they found that the pieces were unable to fit together. Also, our bone collection came with two copies of the right side of the hemithorax and pelvis, and no copy of the left side, so it was unable to be built into a complete skeleton.

  • John Smith - Perfect fit for the F250 double din opening

    Perfect fit for the F250 double din opening. Used this to add a single din radio to replace my older unit. Not much documentation, but know this - once you snap it in - that is it - you're not going to be able to remove, so make sure you have everything you need to have done behind the dash - cause you would be able to get behind it unless you remove the whole dash - which is possible, but its going to be a pain in the A$$.

  • ryebread - awesome product

    I have very dry, frizzy and curly hair. I have never used a product that even comes close to this stuff. My hair is soft, silky and very managable. My dad always said it looked like a bale of straw( its blonde) but even he has to admit, drastic difference. I dont much care for the smell, its very strong and kind of manly smelling but i dont care if it smells like skunk, it is the best leave in serum i have ever used. Nothing else is even close. Worth every penny.

  • Elizabeth A. Borst - An Old Favorite

    I alternate with other shampoos as they say you should so the hair doesn't become so used to one it stops working. I always go back to Awapuhi. My hair is fine and dry. Awapuhi imparts moisture but never wieghs it down. It actually leaves my blond hair shiny and almost fluffy (like a child's not like a poodle's) but not frizzy. It's gentle but gets it clean, clean, clean in one softly lathering application. There is nothing detergently about it and it feels different than other shampoos, almost like a rich gel. It rinses out easily and can wash the body as well. I don't have a great head of hair but at least with this shampoo it behaves itself. The only other shampoo that measures up is Keratase but it is expensive and the little bottle doesn't go a long way. Keratase has a formula which strenthens the hair with a creamy lather and a great hair mask which I use now to give my hair a break. But the one I always return to is Awapuhi, my old favorite.

  • Lauren - Potentially Hazardous! Beware!

    Do not buy this product. You will not loose weight from this! After taking it daily for over 3 months my husband ended up in the ER twice without any weight loss. Our doctor told us it was not FDA approved and could cause kidney and liver problems. Just stick with old fashion diet and exercise.

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