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  • Amber B. - Makes my skin very soft and great moisturizer. Has not helped fade my scars yet ...

    Makes my skin very soft and great moisturizer. Has not helped fade my scars yet but only been using it for about a week. I do apply this every night and replaces the moisturizer as well. I would hope to see results by 6 weeks - usually that is how long it takes for products like these. But overall it does give my face new life and doesn't have any side affects. Doesn't break me out or chemical burns.

  • Angela - Good body wash, poor packaging

    I bought this for my daughter because she has very sensitive skin. It works well as a body wash, but is not great as a shampoo - her hair just didn't look or smell washed. The packaging leaks terribly. If it falls over, even with the lid closed and tightly screwed on, you will lose nearly 1/2 the bottle if left on its side. I forgot about that and took it on a vacation and it made a huge mess. We have since found another brand that we like better, but I have a couple of bottles left since I bought them in bulk trying to save money. It would probably be a good product for babies - without much hair. The company just really needs to work on the packaging.

  • Roxie L. Roes - This is a great tribute to fathers!

    This is a wonderful children's book that, I feel, does justice to fathers everywhere. I am excited to read it to my grandchildren next time they come. So many books demean fathers these days and this one is perfect for children who love their dads. Thank you for the wonderful book Lily. I highly recommend this book for all ages.

  • Mark Warrington - Paying to play, IS NOT FREE!!!

    The game is downloaded for free. After playing for half an hour or so, the original stake is gone and you must purchase more. If I wanted to pay to play, I'd go to a casino. At least there I have a chance of winning REAL money back.

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