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  • Bryan Radcliffe - Thinking much clearer than before

    I wanted to feel smarter and have a clearer mind. I really wanted something to make me think harder. I was looking for a little something to improve my focus and help me study better. I bought these brain supplements because I thought a lot about how our brain works and know how important it is to take care of. I know that our brain cells continue to die more and more as we get older, and at a much faster rate with older age. So I was looking for something to boost the brain activity and give it sort of an exercise so to speak. Something to help me focus and think a lot clearer. I am not getting any younger, but I know the more active our minds are, the less chance of developing age related brain problems in the future. That being said, I went ahead and ordered them and they got here in two days.

  • Kevin Larsen - Works but is slow...

    I am running this on a Quad Core Phenom II X4 945 processor and it can still drag this machine to its knees. It works just fine for what it is, but I find myself waiting on it quite a bit.

  • ManuelaSeattle - Amazing for infant/ baby; not working for toddler

    We bought the 2010 model of the Uno and have absolutely loved it! It's gone everywhere. We live on a hill with a gravel road and it's held up on almost daily trips up and down. When my son was an infant we could put him in it and go all day. He could sleep when it was down flat and then could be raised up when he was awake to see things. He has slept through entire dinner parties in it. I agree that steering it when the pram faces you is difficult (big wheels in front). But frankly, I was super-happy to even have this feature. When steering was a huge issue I switched the handle. Putting the car seat in was not convenient, but living in a more urban/ walking environment we never did this anyway. If that's an important feature for you, this is probably not an ideal stroller. I haven't had a huge problem with the under-basket. I typically have had 1-2 bags of groceries underneath almost daily. I researched a long time before I bought the Uno because I only wanted to purchase one main stroller that could see us into late toddler-hood. Unfortunately, the only problem is that the seat-back does not sit completely upright. My son is now constantly slouching in the chair. It's very uncomfortable for him and he's constantly pulling himself up by the snack-tray. Now that he's a toddler we'll be selling it. But will I ever miss it!

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