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  • Steve - Elegant Looking Router System

    This elegant looking router system is definitely a piece of tech you don’t need to hide above the ceiling tiles in the basement. I placed my router component on a glass wall shelf in the downstairs family room. It is nearly dead center of our home’s lower level. The satellite component is centrally located on the main floor of the home sitting on the desk in the foyer. It looks very nice sitting there next to some porcelain figurines, almost like a piece of art itself.

  • LaShane N Ricketts - yessssssssssd

    I lover this. Cut down my blow dry time in half. I have no relaxer in my hair and it takes forever to blow dry it straight but this product cut my time I. Half.

  • Lipsa - I love the eye serum so much as it changed my condition

    I always knew that Orogold worked for me and I become one of their biggest fan. I finally got a few products for myself and I am delighted to see how effective they are. I could be a younger girl when used their products. I love the eye serum the most.

  • Amazon Customer - overall these are nice lights, but the reverse lights are a joke

    overall these are nice lights, but the reverse lights are a joke! the reverse lights point straight up so they don't project out of the light housing

  • Ana B. - 100% Killed

    My next door neighbors moved out and the roaches in their apt were trying to move into my apt. It looked like Joe's apt to say the least. Anyway I got this along with the gel and this stuff has come through and held it's promise. It took a week to kick in but man when it did, we saw results.

  • Patrick Mcnelis - DON'T! Just, don't; you'll be sorry!

    This is a horrible version of Office. Most of the time it won't open files you created with older versions of Office without an elaborate and ridiculous click-a-thon to allow the software to recognize the older files as safe. Sometimes it still won't open those files. Then if you run a repair thinking that will help your Office 2013 will be deleted. Then you'll call Office support and they will try to sell you a one-time $99 service (or $149 per year). So after heaps of frustration with Word and Excel not wanting to open existing files, and refusing to actually send files I could open (only because I created them with this version) to the printer (though it said it printed) I decided I had had enough. I went online and tried to find solutions. I was led to a Microsoft Office self-help page that instructed me to run a repair. I followed the instructions only to have the repair fail, but not before the repair rendered my install completely useless. Links and tiles were gone. Trying to open a file directly resulted in cryptic errors. So I called the tech support line. After explaining to the rep what was going on, he offered to help me for $99 for a one-time service fee, or I could sign up for an annual service contract for $149. I shouldn't have to pay to get their software working on their operating system. I am running Windows 8.1, Office should function seamlessly. After doing more investigating - after telling the tech rep no thanks - I found a utility I needed to run to completely remove any trace of the original Office installation. Then I was able to re-install it. Then when I tried to re-install I got more errors, telling me I didn't have enough disk space (I had 58Gb on that disk) or too slow an internet speed (I was at that moment pulling 78Mb down on a FiOS connection), or some other problem...

  • Miguel Ruiz - I am a former best buy employee who worked in home theater

    I am a former best buy employee who worked in home theater. I sold countless antennas and have used just about every one you can find in any store. I can without a doubt tell you that this antenna will get you no more than 1-8 channels max. The advertisements for this antenna are all hype and speak of no meaningful specs such as effective mileage range or amplified or non-amplified. This is merely an attempt to take advantage of people who don't understand the still fairly new digital signals that our tvs are receiving now.

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