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Medical Cannabis / Medical Marijuana in Minnesota | LeafLine Labs - Would you benefit from medical cannabis / marijuana in Minnesota? For an appointment call us at 844-532-3546.

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  • B. Laska - Great vitamin

    I have been giving these to my 4 and 2 year old every day since November and we've only had a couple days of runny noses and coughs, which as been a huge switch from the last cold and flu season when we were all sick for a month. I only give them each one a day along with their other chewable vitamin. If I think they've been exposed to something, I up the dose to two. They love the taste and think they're getting candy every morning.

  • Vinny - Amazing! Excellent Non-Stick Titanium Ceramic Frying Pans!

    I purchased two of these Gotham Steel non-stick titanium ceramic frying pans, one in the 9.5" diameter size and one in the 12.5" diameter size, a few weeks ago. I am a trained scientist and engineer, and thus i am not easily amazed by consumer kitchenware products that claim to be non-stick. However, I am amazed by the performance of these pans after 3.5 weeks of having used them daily.

  • Jeff Carlson - Exactly what I needed but required longer screws

    I have a Samsung Syncmaster 2494SW monitor. It has the longer mounts so I needed this to connect to ergotron stand. The only issue I had is the mount on the back of the monitor is recessed. The rounded edges of this adapter did not fit into the recess so I had to get longer screws so it could fit on the outside. $1 at the local hardward store and done.

  • pwpky - Worked in my heel pain

    I have plantar fasciitis and in 3 years these are first over counter product that really works, but a bit expensive

  • Mary Lee Lawler - The only thing I didn't like was having to struggle and use a chemical to ...

    The only thing I didn't like was having to struggle and use a chemical to get the glue off they used to put the sticker on it. I can understand them putting those things on so you'll remember the brand etc but dang make it easier to get off. My husband had to try 3 different things to get the glue off.

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