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  • Chuck Warnock - Needs better audible

    I've had this less than a week so I may come back and update this. I initially bought it to pair with my Varia Radar by Garmin, as the head unit does not beep when a car is coming and I understood this one does. It does but it is almost inaudible, so what good is it? I've been on MapMyRide on my iPhone, and the mapping system here is much better. Haven't checked battery on a long ride, and the gradient response does seem to be slow as noted in an earlier review, but otherwise seems to be a good unit. Disappointed on audible though. That's a safety issue and it should be much louder given the cost of all of this.

  • Michael H. - Sound is great as well

    This is my second ION blue tooth speaker and I have no complaints. I bought this to let my daughter use at football games, for our youth league cheerleaders. I took it out of the box and charged it for a couple days. I have used it at several football games as well as while cooking for our concessions stand. Have not needed to charge again. Sound is great as well. Definitely recommended

  • kollin123 - Got this for my wife.... she ...

    Got this for my wife....she is addicted to it and lost almost ten pounds just dancing with this game in about a month.

  • Nikkikole - No more naps-Get's me through my day!

    I'm 44 and am pretty fit, working out 4-6 day a week. I was feeling lethargic...needing to sleep and nap quite a bit.

  • Marissa Ascione - never felt so miserable...

    i got these fat burners for free from someone who works for the owner of the gym i work at.. like everyone else said, i thought my body had to get used to it but that's not the case at all...although it does give me energy like c4 or hyde before my work out, it also gives me horrible acid reflux and i have to stop what I'm doing to try & throw up in the bathroom.. i haven't thrown up from the product yet but i don't wanna find out how long it will take before i actually do.. looks like i'll be flushing these bad boys down the toilet and burning fat the more natural way without poisoning my body and feeling like theres a hole being burnt into my throat :)

  • Amazon Customer - Seems like it works.

    I've been using this moisturizer for a month or so, seems like it's working fine. My skin can be oily at times, then dry at others. Still happening, but not as bad as before, it seems to be balancing out.

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