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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Jordan Pine - Excellent content, needs a good editing

    I found the content of the book to be excellent. Every married man should read it and be aware of its precepts. Back when I started reading about pick-up artistry (as a married man), I thought about how "game theory" might be applied in a committed relationship and wished one of the pickup authors would write a chapter about it. Imagine how excited I was to discover a whole book!

  • Chris S. - Five Stars

    Comfortable to hold and sturdy - I love that you can remove it to clean the cup and handle really well.

  • thecond - does what it says

    this was my first time having an energy drink packet, i don't drink caffeine so i definitely noticed the caffeine energy burst, it lasted a good half hour,i was surprised how noticeable it was. the flavor is very weak with a 16oz. so if you want a stronger flavor cut the water in half. The flavor was good, but it seemed to have almost a carbonated kick to it which was interesting. not bad just different. It did cure the munchies and I wasn't hungry for a good couple hours. i wouldn't take it everyday but those days when you know your weak and will eat anything it will help! i only gave it three stars because i don't like how much i noticed the caffeine burst and that i would need 2 packets to 1 water bottle, i like to get water in, but not because lack of flavor. i would give 3.5 stars. id need to try more than a week to see if it helps with weight loss.

  • Amazon Customer - I recommend taking this natural nutritional drink mix

    I recommend taking this natural nutritional drink mix. .after 1 month of taking it in the morning, I feel energize. .and it helps me alot to loose weight. .The side effects to me is that I don't have any appetite but energize. So make sure you look for your diet that suits you. For me I eat

  • Parker - Great book, full of wisdom

    This is a solid book that digs into all of the considerations of what goes into designing and deploying an effective Exchange 2010 environment for medium to larger organizations. Aside from being informative, it's also somewhat entertaining because there are a ton of real world stories told by the many contributors in the book that highlight the colorful requirement challenges they've come across when deploying exchange in across many diverse organizations in the real world in relation to the sub-topic you are reading about. While most books out there are essentially slightly more thorough, easier reading MS documentation, this book gets into the many nuances of 2010 and helps take your your exchange knowledge to the next level. That said, it's assumed your knowledge of Exchange prior to reading this book is pretty strong... so I wouldn't recommend it to someone trying to learn the product for the first time.

  • Damieon Love - Pretty good but

    The screen itself is ok but no tilt feature and the fact that it isn't delivered in brown box meaning that I was just sitting on my porch with the monitor branding all on it, I wasn't a fan of that. Overall I'll give it a 4 star because the screen sharpness makes up for the no tilt, but the delivery made it drop down to a 3 star

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