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  • samantha a mercer - Saved me from needing fertility treatment

    I have pcos and was not ovulating previous to taking ovasital. I started taking ovasital as a last ditch effort while waiting to start fertility treatment after a Leep procedure. I took ovasital for a little over two weeks and ovulated for the first time in about a year. After ovulating I had a positive pregnancy test :) I recently gave birth and have started taking ovasital again to manage my pcos symptoms. I can't attest to how it helps anything other than ovulation since I didn't need to take it very long the first time but I definitely think this is a good product for those with pcos.

  • Stevie G - Storing this book in my soul

    Penelope Douglas writes the characters that I wish I could be. They have so much depth, so much fire and passion , they grow beautifully and I always, ALWAYS, just want to bury myself in her stories and never come up for air. Punk 57 is everything I ever want in a book, AND SOMEONE NEEDS TO PUT MUSIC TO THOSE LYRICS, STAT!!

  • Amazon Customer - Hands down the best clay mask I have ever bought

    Hands down the best clay mask I have ever bought. This one is especially great for cystic acne and pulls all of the impurities out of my skin. I have tried 2 or 3 from Sephora but they never got the job done like this one.

  • Christy P - So addictive!

    Wowza! I couldn't put this down once I started. It's so addictive. So hot. So juicy. So beautiful. I can't wait for the next one to see how this plays out!

  • N. Wilkinson - This is a great bra

    I love this bra! I first found it in JC Penny's but only bought two, and when I went back to buy a couple more I couldn't find any in my size and color so I went online. It sure was good to find them on Amazon. Now I have to admit part of its appeal is that it fits me, and since I'm rather small that is sometimes tough, especially when I don't want to be squished smaller. This bra has a bit of padding to make me look good, but not enough to get scrunched up after being washed. It also doesn't have enough to qualify as one of those "be a size larger!" bras, which I personally find a little embarrasing. The lace provides a feminine look (so its not the bra equivalent of granny panties), but its not sheer and not especially sexy...just a comfortable, everyday bra. I can highly recomment it for anyone small or average size, however if you're large and past the perky stage it my not provide a lot of support - there are no underwires (which I'm always afraid will set off airport security alarms; although they haven't yet).

  • Jillusher - FEEL it working! Preferred price jillusher.myplexusproducts

    My favorite lotion ever! I use it for many different skin issues, bites, itches, even stretch marks. It feels so good. I put it on my face and it feels like it is shrinking my pores. Preferred pricing available! Buy here to ensure proper freshness jillusher.myplexusproducts

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