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  • Jody M. - Love the Swarovski crystal ornaments

    Love the Swarovski crystal ornaments. I have bought one for my Mother for Christmas for the last several years. She has always been a Swarovski fan, so this is a BIG hit!

  • Verified Purchaser - Ives products and they work just a good as mega $$$$ products

    Use it mainly during the winter to exfoliate old skin. Its cheap, but hey it works, dont need a fancy names nor expensive prices to get what you want. I personally have used many different types of St. Ives products and they work just a good as mega $$$$ products

  • BadWolf - I really loved this face wash

    I really loved this face wash. It smelled so wonderful and washed my face great. The reason why I give it 4 stars and not 5 is because after using my current vegan face wash from a woman from Etsy, when I went back to this product, my face became more dry and tight. Before that, I had no problem with the face wash and used it religiously. I've tried to go back to this product a time or two and the same thing kept happening. But I do think this is a great product and others should try it.

  • WITO GT - You can't go wrong with the classics

    Awesome fit, BUT i knew exactly what size I needed being a big headed fellow... There are many sizes it can be confusing.... So just keep that in mind when ordering.. That being said... Theis is my second pair of the classic aviator and they are awesome! Wear them with a suit or with a t-shirt... You cant go wrong with a classic...

  • SeaDips - kinda like when you take a tablet thats just too harsh ...

    I started using relacore to combat my weight plateaux due to stress at work....I will admit, it does keep me calm...and i think it helps curb my appetite...but...sadly this tablet really messed up my stomach...

  • T. James - A Gem With a Flaw

    Thornton raises this film out of the "seen this plot before" category. We've seen courtroom dramas before, wherein a down and out or new attorney takes on a mega-corporation. Like "The Verdict" with Paul Newman, this one succeeds with a seasoned uber-actor, a strong supporting cast and some good writing. I took away one star for two reasons. One was because some dramatic license was taken with legal procedure and it offends my lawyer's soul. The second and more important reason has to do with the bad guy role. William Hurt, with his unique and unfailing artistry, manages to portray the villainous opposition with complexity. That amazes me because the writing for that role was so melodramatic and derivative of the Godfather –-topped off with an operatic sound track-- that it outright suspended my suspension of disbelief. Still, I binge watched it and enjoyed it greatly.

  • Bob Longmire - Fantastic product and apps

    I purchased this premium package before I got my iPad based on it's reputation. This product lives up to, and exceeds, my expectations. This is the best supported and most functional app/product I have ever owned. It is a must buy for all iPhone/iPad users. Accept no substitutes this is the real deal supported by a slew of apps.

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