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  • Marie - Very good product

    This is a really good product. All the cabinets in my home are honey oak. The ones in the bathroom tend to get dry and there were some areas that you could really see that. This really does improve the look of the cabinets and very easy to use. It does not take much. This is the second can I have bought. The first can refreshed both bathrooms and the kitchen cabinets. The second can has helped maintain that look. I clean the cabinets regularly and use this occasionally now. I do use an old t-shirt for wiping but prefer to put it on with a soft clean paint brush and then wipe with the cloth. This gets the product into the dry wood areas so that it looks as good as the rest of the wood. I will buy it again and would suggest it to anyone to use first before replacing their lack luster cabinets. Also works for slight scratches that have made a raw wood area, but you will need to apply more then once before it is not as visible.

  • Carolina Girl - That was a crazy ending

    Macy was doing so much dirt and all because Mayhem didn't want her. Robert snapped and did his own thing. I can't believe he did that to Joie. I don't condone Ramsey smacking Emma they both were doing dirt. They got it together though. Maleek was the worst kind of bipolar crazy๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…. He was going through all the motions. That sneak peek at the end I hope it's Romeo baby!!!

  • Jeannine Sowers - Allergic reaction?

    Has anyone else gotten hives, red splotches or itching from this product? Cannot use on neck/decollette area at all, and then suddenly my face and chin line started reacting as well. Disappointed but afraid to try again. Definitely don't put near forehead area. My skin felt like it had been burned.

  • Cornelius - good buy

    As described. But should have bought the 53mm version as the 50mm version is too small for the look I want. Gave it to my sister instead.

  • Amazon Customer - Wife and I are both 100% satisfied. Will order again when we need more

    This review is for the glass screen protector that isn't edge to edge. Protector was small width wise but all of them are to save room for cases. My wife had no issues installing hers and slapped hers on in about 90 seconds or so, and perfectly I might add. I'm slightly OCD so it took me a little longer. Sides are hard to line up perfectly but the tabs at the top and bottom on this protector work miracles in making this task easier. Holes were perfectly cut and once I got mine to line up, it went on without issue. Wife and I are both 100% satisfied. Will order again when we need more. I'm definitely a paying customer & didn't receive this item discounted in return for a review (how do you get that gig anyways?) I value other un-biased reviews when I purchase things with my hard earned money, so I figured I'd contribute.

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