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    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • Amazon Customer - Parfait! Wunderbar!

    This is a very cool and well designed unit. It is much better than the other type unit we were using prior to ordering this one. We would fully endorse this product and recommend it to any wine consumer. It also works on bottled beer just as well. Get your drink on! What are you waiting for?

  • shotyme - Do your research before perchasing!!!!!

    10/10 times if a purticular color comes out that's never been seen before their fake!!! The dead give aways are the nike chip at the bottom if it's not black you've been scammed! If the air max logo on the airbag are in bold latters rather than almost being translucent to the sneaker your in trouble. And last but not least the prices, if you see an nike air max that jus recently came out for a low price and it looks like it's to good to be true it is! So definitely pay attention and do your research before making a perchase people because you will infact get scammed, it happened to me and can happen to you so be careful!!!

  • Barbara R - A very uneven collection

    I usually enjoy this series, but found this collection to be very poor. I really had to struggle to get to the end. We're these really the best essays for the year?

  • leaschott - advantage is that you get a great looking, perfectly shaped beard

    This review is for .....BEARD SHAPING TOOL [ GuideLine Pro ] Use with Beard Trimmer or Razor to Shape the Perfect Beard With Each Shave - Beard Accessories: GREAT GIFT FOR ME

  • Bassam - solved rough idle problem

    I had a rough idle issue (significant engine hesitation) with my 2001 Acura TL. The check engine light came on and the code says "multiple cylinder miss fire". There was also couple other codes. I inspected the spark plugs and cables and all worked fine. Cleaned my EGR ports but they looked reasonable too. I also did throttle valve cleaning. Nothing worked so the last resort was to try Seafoam. It solved the problem and I am very pleased.

  • Briana Powell - The Perfect Umbrella - I'll Never Buy a Different One

    When I saw this unusual umbrella, I just had to have it! It closes inside out, compared to other umbrellas, so that the wet part of the canopy is on the inside instead of the outside. This allows you to not get wet as you make your way around indoors. The handle is also pretty cool. Given that the handle is a ring, as you hold it in your hand, you can keep a hold of the umbrella better than other umbrellas with a hook handle. The umbrella feels sturdier and safer against the wind, due to this unique handle, as well.

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