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  • Amazon Customer - Little help for intermediate or advanced students

    Greatest value is in the practice tests. This is LSAT prep on training wheels. It wastes too much time with basics and is of virtually zero help to anyone trying to move from a good to very good score. The logic games section in particular is very poorly organized. Rather than training with complete logic games, they provide several consecutive introductions with no notes on which page to jump to for the further questions in the set. You either have to reproduce your set-up many times as you work through the book, or use their's, which defeats the purpose of practice.

  • Raul's Reviews - Looks great

    I haven't installed it yet cause it's been snowing in NJ, but everything looks straight forward, comes with clips, and weather seal for hood. Looks angry, came to my office and I got plenty of comments and it wasn't even installed, kinda exciting. Will update with my installation experience.

  • melissa stromquist - lemon of a bike

    my son bought this bike and had it for 1 month and it is a true lemon for what he paid there shouldnt be any issues the forks on the bike should not have bent the chain should not have broke nor the peddles i would not recommend buying a bike from them again this is the first issue i had with them everything else i bought was ok but till now.

  • Danii - It worked amazing and I kept making jokes about how we needed ...

    My son was in the hospital for RSV and they used the heavy duty booger sucker on him there. It worked amazing and I kept making jokes about how we needed one like it at home, several nurses recommended this to us and said it's as close as we will get to it. It's so easy to use and to clean. And it works on adults too.

  • Hawk71954 - I actually liked it...

    I actually like this....I am one who rarely does her own nails because I love the attention I receive at my fav nail spa for my mani pedi & wax treatments. But I have been known to have to fix a chipped nail from time to time. So before I went to my last nail appointment, I removed my polish in order to give this product a try. After I removed the polish, I put my fav gold color polish bottle into the Tweexy to see if worked as reported. At first it felt a little awkward to me, like the bottle was going to tip out, but it remained firmly snug inside, then I even tipped it over purposely and it held firmly in place. It held varying polish bottle sizes as well. I have relatively small/medium hands and the Tweexy slide on rather easily, but it is adjustable for larger fingers if needed. It was easily transferrable from one hand to the other too. I found it to be soft, flexible and easy to handle. My 6 yr old drama queen granddaughter uses it also, and raves how its easy to use even for her. I would recommend this product for ladies that do their own nails on a regular basis, for sure.


    Relatively simple to use and great if you have a small business. No, I wouldn't attempt to use this if you owned something like Wal-Mart! But I own a mobile home park and this makes the money end of things a whole lot smoother. I have to keep a lot of records of my renters(who has paid and when, who owes me what, etc.) and this keeps everything very organized! I've used Quickenbooks before, and while I think it's a good program, it's functionality and ease of use are not quite on par with Sage 50, especially considering both are about the same price(actually Sage is a bit cheaper). I guess I should point out that by this be relatively simple I mean that you have had some past experience with other accounting software. Otherwise there is a bit a of learning curve. It's not difficult to understand, it's just takes time to remember it all. Once you get the hang of it though it is well worth the money for the ease of use and organization it creates. Def recommended!

  • Tanner R. - Team Haribu, The Fruitiest and the Funniest

    Wow just wow this must have been a fuc* you as an April 1st prank or something, because the laughs don't end! I thank you guys so much, now not only are the reviews hilarious, but now we can fight ISIL. I feel like these should be taken off market, but reviews are so dam hilarious! I guess.. keep on eating guys, let's keep the laughs going. Just eat over a toilet and be weary. Also amazon has some nice air fresheners, if the lady can't take it. Peace guys. And I almost forgot.. EAT UP!

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