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  • Amazon Customer - PCOS + Metformin + Pregnitude = PREGNANT in 2 months!

    I have severe PCOS (ex. - my AMH was 48 at it's highest, retrieved 90+ eggs during my first IVF cycle). After 5+ years of trying IVF (including a 20 week loss of twins and a miscarriage), we turned to a gestational carrier. I wasn't ready to go back on birth control, but my face was oily and out of control so I asked my doctor for something safe to take if by some small chance I got pregnant. She recommended Pregnitude. I read the awesome reviews, but had zero expectations of getting pregnant. This supplement combined with Metformin ER 1500mg (which brought my AMH down significantly - probably 3-9 range) is believed to be what got me pregnant! My RE doctor was astonished! Now the surrogate and I are both pregnant and due 3 weeks apart! Good luck, it's worth a shot!

  • Amanda B - Great gloss, Cheap price!

    I love this lip plumper, I use it as an everyday gloss rather than a plumper, Ive read that it stings, but in my opinion it dosen't sting or burn it just tingles the lips. I am in love with the color Kim. I also like the consistancy of this product, its not too runny or thick like some Ive tried. I recommend as a gloss rather than a plumper.

  • K. Streeter - The only thing I do not like is if you must take your computer to its ...

    McAfee is less cumbersome than Norton 360 and runs rather smoothly. The only thing I do not like is if you must take your computer to its "Original Factory Settings", then you have to use another license for that same computer. One license per computer is how it should be until the original expiration date, no matter how many times your computer is put back to "Original Factory Settings". I purchased unlimited licenses this time.

  • Leslie F. - this is a serious collection for serious people. it probably could have been done on one CD but overall,

    I was desperate and in a lot of pain. I was able to navigate through the CDs and find a section called "immediate relief". it offered some stretches that did in fact do that. and I was able to keep up the stretches until my pain finally was reduced more.

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