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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Marjorie - Works perfectly for my 40-inch TV

    Yeah I'm super happy to finally get my TV off of the console and onto the wall it was super simple with this TV mount and I like the price as well I seen many of these TV mounts go for as much as $100 and this one works just as well save yourself a little money and pick this up and get your TV on the wall where it belongs.

  • Nancy S. Hutz - Really disappointed

    Having been used to a user friendly American Greeting card program for many years I was sorry to have to get a new one when I got a new computer with Windows 8. This Hallmark program is not user friendly. First, it won't conform in size to the screen. Second, transferring addresses from the address book to an envelope is way too complicated. Tasks that should be simple (and were on the AG program) are much more difficult. Finally, the instruction book and the tutorial are no help. They tell me what great things the program can do, but do not tell me details on how to do it! I would return it, but it is a gift, and I am determined to master it. No fun!

  • Engineer - Buggy Program, Marginal Support

    Program is buggy, especially the help function in Outlook. Running on Win 7, Pro, Outlook worked OK for a few days. Microsoft support fixed the problem and their fix lasted for a few more days. When this problem was called to their attention, I was told to pay $100 for support for 30 days and $150 for one year. The support comes from the Philippines and is so-so. Being an experienced computer user and engineer I declined. I was able to find a fix online that involved deleting all of the history from Internet Explorer. The agent who fixed the problem after it surfaced reloaded all of Office, requiring me to stay on the line for 1-2 hours. Later I had to reset all of my preference settings in Office. Other companies offer much better support on their products. I am shocked that the Microsoft Knowledge Base has not identified the root cause of a problem had by many users. After all, the product has been out I'd guess for at least a year. My guess is that migrating the 2010 version of Office to being Cloud-capable is responsible. I've used Office for a long time and the product seems to be getting worse.

  • Jeff Allred - Online tests were not accessible

    Twice I was able to block out four hours to take the promised online practice tests (which required arranging for child care for my daughter) but each time I went on, the test was not available and of course because it was the weekend, no customer service was available either. Two days later I was able to access the test, but this technical mishap reduced the number of practice tests I was able to take before the real thing. If you have all the time in the world to study that might not bother you. But if you have a busy schedule or limited time to study, you might consider another option.

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