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  • Daniel H - An amazing fix to a lousy design

    Takes a monitor with a frustrating lack of a VESA mount point and turns it into an arm-mounted beauty on my gorgeous new ikea standing desk!

  • Anthony - Cheap SSD

    Not the fastest, but for the price it gets you into the SSD bracket. Certainly better then the stock 60GB seagate i had before

  • jalcruces - Great Stuff!

    This stuff is great for anyone with frizzy fly away hair. It works best on hair that is left natural. If you style your hair it is bound to mess it up. If you put it on while your hair is wet, it may take forever to dry. I find that just a dab goes a long way. You do not saturate your hair with it. You take about a teaspoon full, rub it in your hands and then run your hands through your hair. If your hair is really long or thick, do it this way, just a dab at a time until it gets how you want it. Some others have posted that it is greasy. It is not. It is "silky". It has almost an albumen-like slick feel to it, but it is not "grease" or anything near it. It has hydrolyzed silk in it and that is what makes it slick and smooth, not grease. If you get too much of it in one area then your hair will have a "greasy" look to it. So you have to be careful and apply it sparingly and evenly. I have super curly and frizzy fly away hair. When I apply this evenly... and I probably use a dab about three times throughout my hair, it tames the frizzes down to a nice wavy curl. LOVE this stuff! It is not sticky, greasy, or waxy. And is nothing like hair gel and stuff like that. There is nothing else out there like this stuff. Believe me, I've tried finding others since they stopped carrying this stuff locally, and there just isn't.

  • Amazon Customer - Great bonding book with my sons and daughters

    One of my sons, now 2 1/2 says "superhero" and I know immediately what book he means. I love this book - simple, powerful. Good to see a book that is positive on fathers. I like the creativity and all of my kids love to hear this one. But in particular my 2 1/2 year old really loves it - and I cannot help but think about what good dads do (and how kids may see them) after reading this. Very nice work!

  • Stephen - for over 1 year now I've been having a professional ...

    for over 1 year now I've been having a professional exterminator treat my apartment for bugs without success with one treatment of this I am now free of the bugs looks wonderful

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