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  • Professional Psychic - Good Actors, Interesting Characters

    Billy Bob Thornton is powerful, as always. However, he looks a little anorexic here which is disturbing, and distracting. When he yells that he's going to beat someone's ass, it's hard to imagine how at that weight he could do that.

  • Eric George - Not for you if you listen to the radio a lot

    For me personally I like it because it doesn't look as dumb as the stock one. However you will definitely sacrifice quality when buying this product. So if your deciding to buy this you need to know your priorities

  • Myheart - This is NOT the same as you buy in the stores!!!

    This is the second time I have purchased this on Amazon. The first time, I was aware after using it, that is was just a little less thick than the original Biosilk I have purchased in the stores. But that was ok. I just ordered and received my second bottle and this one is even more thinner and you can tell it has alcohol in it by the cooling effect that you have on your hands when you apply it to your hair. Now, after all this, it still works, maybe not the exact same way, but it works. I will use it. But I think Amazon should rethink how they portray this item and come out front and say it has been diluted. The price is what brings me back to buy it and that is all.

  • Alexandria Johnson - Great Product

    Makes perfect waffles and we have no complaints so far. Big fluffy waffles, 1.5 inches versus the regular 1.25 inch waffle makers.

  • Jackie Green - My hairdresser recommended this product and I love it

    My hairdresser recommended this product and I love it. While my hair is super thin it protects it from heat and gives it the nutrients it needs. This product also adds volume to my hair, which is much needed

  • William Boardman - Quicken Retal - Junk

    When you enter rent it puts it in the check register on the date the rent was due not when it was actually deposited

  • Walter Jonas - Excellent

    I needed to use it to close out a trust which my brother, deceased last year, was the administrator. A tax preparer, recommended to me by a friend, kept putting me off, so I decided to try it on my own. Very straight forward, hopefully the IRS agrees.

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