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  • ReadsOnTheBeach - Combine this Binder with Three Wolf Moon T-shirt and WATCH OUT

    I can't believe I've read pages of these reviews but have not seen anyone mention the power of combining the binder with the Three Wolf Moon T-shirt. I tried it, and I was amazed at the results. Not only did my binder become chock full of women, but also my apartment filled with adorable yet howling wolves! All of us sang the American anthem together (off key) and then hurried to the soup kitchen to clean and wash suspiciously shiny pots and pans. We made fun of how the UK would probably completely screw up a perfectly good alignment of binder-women and wolves, then settled down to do a P90X workout- which although difficult for the wolves was accomplished through the use of moonbeams emanating from the Three Wolf Moon t-shirt.

  • GIGI - Tasty beer options at a reasonable price

    Very simple to use. I have been regularly using it for over a year and keep buying the beer refills when they are offered on special - which doesn't happen often. It makes 2 gallons at a time - the equivalent of 8-1liter bottles (included in kit) or 16-16oz bottles. I had been using plastic recycled bottles but decided to order more Mr Beer plastic bottles because they hold up better and look more professional. The screw cap also means that I can pour as much or as little as I want into my glass and then put the bottle away for later without losing any of the fizzle or taste. My formula is 2 weeks in keg, 2 weeks in cool closet at room temperature and then 2 weeks in fridge before drinking. The times could be shortened according to taste - but this is my personal preference. My husband who was a dedicated Miller Lite drinker has completely switched over to Mr Beer brews and won't even look at the Miller Lite anymore.

  • steve - I love this thing

    I love this thing. I gave it 4 stars as my reception is crap. I mean I knew this from the get go, as it was stated on the description as well, but again I dont use FM anyway with satellite all the time. But i would be the perfect antenna if it still somehow got some reception for those rare instances i dont want to pay the bill and let the satellite lapse

  • Brings you "back to the basics" of listening to your body - Brings you "back to the basics" of listening to your body

    You must read this book in order to form an opinion. I knew Anne personally and saw the results. Although she is no longer with us physically, she leaves a legacy of information thru A Cancer Battle Plan. Get back to the fundamentals of eating and your body WILL respond. The JUNK we put into and on our bodies is what is killing us. She took the courage to put her testimony in writing and live it. If you want to know what happened to her call her office, they are still there teaching away.....don't judge without investigating first.

  • Hindsight - Good Stuff

    Although I think the book was written from the slant of someone with a more healthy relationship foundation, the book helped me in many ways and I'd recommend it. I'd caution men to strive to comprehend the concepts rather than the particulars and to adapt the concepts to their situation. The book is written from an almost anthropological point of view and while X may be true of women in general, there will be much variance in how any given man interprets and applies X. So for example Bob tries to implement X and introduces behavior that seems so out of context to Sally that it she's more confused and hence distracted trying to figure it out then the intended result. There's a lot of good stuff though, and it helped me feel a connection / fellowship with others which raised my spirits. In essence, this book is intelligent "guy talk" for guys that have become so over domesticated they've lost the abilitity to think like a guy.

  • Patty Dykstra - Caused breakouts

    I'm 59 years old and used this Boots Serum for a few weeks. I noticed I had several tiny zits and thought it was due to something unrelated, but stopped using it, and my skin cleared. I started using it again to verify, and my skin broke out again. Sure did not work for me!

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