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  • SMinPVAZ - Great product!

    I don't know what I'd do without this! When I'm stressed or tired I tend to get fever blisters. This helps heal them so much quicker than anything I've tried. Just be careful to follow the directions. The first few times I used this (years ago), I used it more often throughout the day than instructed by the directions thinking that it couldn't hurt. Well, the fever blister dried out too quickly and then ended up lasting longer than it would have had I followed the instructions.

  • Scribbler - Beware

    Although the product description stated that an DVD should be shipped in Windows Packaging, what I received was the Windows Server 2012 R2 ISO file on an "opened" 8GB SanDisk USB drive, and a license key that was printed on regular paper without the Microsoft Logo. After 4 attempts to load the ISO, we continue to receive ERROR messages when the install reaches ~ 97 percent ."The WIM>XML file was not generated correctly. This may have resulted from a failed copy of install.wim" We even extracted the ISO file onto multiple bootable USB drives and received the same error.

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