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  • Samantha - kind of torn... UPDATE

    I just received my flat iron today and I examined it and compared it to my sister in laws pyt but she has it in all black and bought it at a kiosk. I saw some differences as the pyt on the flat iron is red and not white like the others I've seen and from what I've seen in pictures online. Everything else is spot on except mine came with a couple scratches. I also noticed on the pamphlet it comes with that it states "if the flat iron is defective send a money order of 22.70 for shipping costs and flat iron to 300 meserole st Brooklyn ny 11206" which is 2 blocks away from Where I live... Like if the pyt company is 2 blocks from Where I live which is crazy cause I lived here for 4 years. I'll just have to see how it performs. I'm kind of positive it's a fake but we'll just see. If so I want a full refund or I'll just throw it in the trash. I will update this review after I've used it.

  • Agiel - I trust my most precious moments to PowerLead.

    My son was a blessing for our lives; he came to bring joy and happiness to us. That’s why we decided to get a Digital Video Camera to capture every single moment of joy with him so we didn’t miss anything. I got this Camcorder at a local store, first of all I got it because when I saw PowerLead on the box I knew it meant reliability, I have a few products of this brand and they have never let me down. The Images we have taken with the Camera are quite clear, the resolution and detailed of them are amazing, and the Digital Videos produced by this Camcorder are Full HD. I can’t wait to record my baby’s first steps with it. That will be awesome.

  • ChristinaC. - Where have these been all my cooking life?

    Wish I'd known about these years ago! They fit my stove perfectly and complement the white very nicely.

  • Cliff - One of the best robots i have seeen

    Great toy. Great personality. Great fun to play with. The only down side I have is you have to continually connect to his wi-fi in order to play or interact with him and then reconnect to the orginal wi-fi when you want to use other applications or Internet. He is very similar to wall-E from the Pixar movie for his personality. I highly recommend this toy for your older child or for the adult that loves technolgy.

  • Laney - Cured my cracked heels

    This product (along with the PedEgg, a good quality, fine blade cheese grater and a bit of diligence on my part) has finally gotten rid of the cracks in my heels; which have plagued me much of my life. Once night a week - when my feet are very dry (like the longest time possible from a shower or bath), I use the cheese grater for the most, uh, industrial heel maintenance. Then I sand smooth with the PedEgg (I don't bother with their grater anymore, as it is cheap metal and dulls really quickly), then give my tootsies a nice warm rinse and towel dry. The I rub in about an inch long ribbon to each heel, saving some for the rough inside of my big toe and other toes, too. This balm is very thick and comes out in a little column that holds its shape. No wasted water in THIS product. I would recommend it to anyone who suffers from cracked heels..

  • Mai-Lee A. - Great Review. Extremely Thorough

    Great Review. Extremely Thorough. My husband has his CDL and I'm currently studying for mines. Can't wait to update you after I pass my test with this amazing review! I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest unbiased review.

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