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  • Carlos - Be careful when using

    Accidentally opened the nuclear warhead implement instead of the toothbrush, now I am charged with terrorism, genocide and ethnic cleansing. Best. Product. Ever.

  • Nick Hermanns - Beautiful Lights That Create An Ambiance Evocative Of A Spanish Garden....

    If you're looking to create an outdoor ambience similar to what it must feel like to spend a summer night outdoors in Spain, this is what these lights do for me. I use them outside in my garden, and they create a beautiful amber illumination that really sets a great mood for all those who have the pleasure to be there. I have lots of gatherings outdoors around these lights, including dinners, and I always get compliments' on the look of the area. I believe a lot of that has to do with the look of these lights. It just gives this beautiful Spanish or Italian vibe when used correctly. I suppose one would have to travel to those places to really understand what I mean, but if you have, then you know the exact ambience I'm talking about. And I wouldn't be surprised if that alone inspired you to buy these lights immediately.

  • Alberto Lopez - Will not disappoint!

    Got to be one of the best games I've ever played and had. Also Amazon did not disappoint because my game was scheduled for a Monday but came almost a week early! Thank you Amazon!

  • Empty Suit - Works

    The first breath freshener that I've tried that really does an excellent job. The effect is long lasting and my only complaint is that there is a slight after taste that can sometimes effect the taste of food or drinks later in the day. I find if I only use it once a day - it still gets the job done, and the after taste is barely noticeable. I think next time I'll try a different "flavor"

  • Maria Del Pilar Juliao - Excellent

    Excellent product. So much fun. Resistant. It can't handle more than 8 persons.Perfect for having good times with friends and family.

  • Alex Anderson - Nice upgrade to my 2012 Samsung plasma 7000 series TV

    Just recieved yesterday and installed this to my TV without incident. It is plug in and play so no manual updates etc to the TV I needed to do. Once installing the device and turning on the TV it recognizes the kit and begins the upgrade and set up configuration. Most important settings for me was the configuration on the display which I had Best buy come out and do was kept. Most other things I had to reconfigure which was a bit of a task but a welcome chore in learning the new features of the upgrade.

  • Purrtea - Very nice mat for the price.

    I love this bathmat! I no-longer have to worry about me, or anyone else in my house slipping in the tub. The suction cups are pretty strong, so the mat doesn't move around easily. As for the Anti-Bacterial part, I haven't had it long enough to know about that. It's really comfortable to sit on, or stand on, and you don't feel the suction cups under you. It doesn't cover the entire bottom of my tub, but I can deal with it, since it's still such a nice mat for the price. The little body exfoliating mitt is OK but not the best one I've ever used, but it's a nice little bonus that comes with the mat.

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