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  • Cenntenial - Doesn't work and at only 2 oz per container its very expensive!!!

    This has to be one of the biggest disappointments in health and beauty products that I have come across. This serum didn't work for me since I still continued to see razor bumps and ingrown hairs even after 2 weeks of trying it on I am very disappointed. Not only that, but this product is very expensive starting at $20 and more online and only get 2 oz or what appears to be nothing more that sugar, water and food coloring mixed together. I have tried other products which work much better like Tend Skin and Min New York Solution two, both just as pricy as this product, but the other ones at least do what they say. Don't spend your time and money on this lame product do your research first on something else.

  • Taufeeq - I would recommend going over the practice problems but be careful as ...

    This book exceeded my expectations. All the sections are well detailed out yet not too long so that you get overwhelmed. It goes over the stuff well overall. I would recommend going over the practice problems but be careful as there are some errors. The course that they offer is also helpful oerall. It helps taking the science courses and calculus before hand however. The math section I felt was not that great and could be improved.

  • Eric Morrison - Absolutely Perfect.

    I had no intentions of buying this stuff, but after the laughs and reviews, I thought I'd give it a shot. I've never been one to miss an opportunity.

  • Nathan Zwissler - Wifi Chromebook

    I've had this Chromebook for about 2-3 weeks now and so far it's been working out pretty great for me. I am pretty experience with computers, so I like to think I know what I am talking about, and this has been working excellently for me.

  • Rajendra Mohan Bhargava - Not for quickbooks online

    Book is oriented towards the desktop version of quick books so not of much use to me. For Indian users the help tips in the program are more useful.

  • Mellie - Too many breaks

    I so enjoy this show. But it has been on break since November. Got the idea from checking the web that it won't be back 'til Feb. Not Amazon's fault, but I felt the need to comment somewhere, and I always stream it from Amazon. Darn, too much break in continuity. I felt it just got a flow going after summer break...

  • shaun - not for me

    I have had a Borner system for more than 10 years now and love to use it when I have a bunch of slicing or shredding to do. My grater broke (again) so I tried this twin grater. The twin grater looks and feels more durable than the single-sided grater I was using (and have a knack for breaking).

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