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  • Lance - If you get one, you better get it right before you need it, or it will dry up unopened.

    Bought a pack of this a couple o f years ago, and within a few months, still packed and unopened, it turned solid.

  • Nate - Despite a refusal to change and a New Yorker fetish, it's good

    I have been reading this collection since Heidi Pitlor took over as series editor (this is her fifth edition). When I heard that Geraldine Brooks was editing this year's collection, I was a bit nervous and uncomfortable, considering how I had never even heard of her before until that moment, even though she had won the Pulitzer Prize. I also felt that, coming off Richard Russo's superb collection last year, this would be a disappointing one. And while this collection has some flaws, it is still and excellent read and a worthy addition to the Best American canon. The biggest problem I have with this collection is its inability or lack of desire to publish more innovative fiction, such as flash fiction or more unconventional fiction. Almost all stories are at least 10 pages long and come from major magazines such as The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Granta, or Tin House, and while those are superb magazines, why can there never be any stories from magazines such as Barrelhouse, Bomb, Electric Literature, or Ninth Letter, all in their own right tremendous magazines but may not publish "mainstream" literary fiction, preferring something edgy and unusual. The most unconventional story here would probably be Saunders' "Escape from Spiderhead", and that's really only because it's sci-fi where the others are all realist. While I enjoy any good story, I get tired of reading about characters living in NYC or Paris or Chicago, working at a museum or as a musician or a poet, falling out of love with their intensely written partner with some oblique deeper meaning. I also grew tired of reading stories from The New Yorker, which I think the editors publish because of their big name rather than their content sometimes. I understand The New Yorker publishes weekly rather than monthly or quarterly, and therefore has more stories than others, but can we at least get some variety? No Missouri Review, Kenyon Review, Southern Review, Ploughshares, Paris Review, Ecotone, Zoetrope, Hudson Review, American Short Fiction, and New England Review? All of those magazines publish stunning works, and none of them are included in this year's edition.

  • Joanna Jo - Don't be afraid to use it - it's gentle and it is doing a great job!

    I was so afraid to use it on my little baby - couldn't imagine using a vacuum cleaner to clean his little nose! If you have similar concerns - do not worry and buy this product. You will be surprised how gentle it is and how well it cleans the nose. When I was using Frida, my baby was crying so bad, with this he is calm most of the times. Sometimes you can see he doesn't like it but you have no impression that you're hurting your baby. Once he was really tired and almost fall asleep while I was using this nasal aspirator on him. I wish I decided to buy it sooner.

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