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  • Sharls - It's ok

    After using this product, I still think I have bad breath, however, while using, didn't receive any negative comments from ppl who would normally tell me.

  • Steven - Mixed feelings

    The installation was pretty easy. I needed the JBL adapter and when I finished the blue tooth audio for my phone lacked the quality from the stock install. The GPS is not bad although it takes a little getting used to. I drove from San Diego to Maine and it worked good enough, however I turned off the turn-by-turn because it was annoying. Also, when the directions are on and a road has a lot of turns though mountains or something the path cuts corners and just connects a couple of points on the road. That is pretty janky. The AM/FM and bluetooth audio work well and sound fine. It is expensive though! I am not sure if I would recommend or not because it does look good in the car and has a nice big screen. I don't think there is anything on the market that would fit so nicely in the console either.

  • Myron Rigsby - Rip off

    Supposed to be a game for a PC, but playing requires knowing numerous key strokes that are not explained or laid out. Tried first tutorial. Had to keep trying random key strokes trying to make program advance; no logic to how keystrokes worked. Gave up in utter frustration. Cannot return; cannot play. Rip off.

  • Amazon Customer - Absolutely love this product

    Absolutely love this product. I use it once a week (like instructed). I wish I could use it more but I don't want to dry out my skin like I predict it would do. My acne has decreased and I have less dry skin. I use it on my husband's face as well and he likes it. I'll buy this again but it'll be a while because it doesn't take a lot to cover your whole face each time.

  • andreas - Great looking head light and shipped fast

    Great looking head light and shipped fast. but had 2 issues with it. The stock screws rust and when your running lights are on at noght and you go to signal you can barely see them flash. Same goes for when you break. I will be ordering different ones for safety.

  • L. Fenn-stokes - What a good bad boy!

    Max is an attorney who is trying to save his father's law firm from being destroyed because of his father's addictions, women, gambling, and losing money. His parents have made a contract with Annabel a politician who needs to be married. She is willing to pay for Max. Max spends his last night of freedom in a bar and meets a girl who he can't keep his mind off of. He calls her Kitten. Lola Grace is a virgin but she wants Max. They spend the night together. In the morning he leaves to get married and she goes home. Max and Annabel go to lunch after they get married to meet her daughter. Lola Grace meets her mother for lunch and sees Max with her mother. What happens next? Can Max and Lola Grace stay away from each other? It is a dark romance but it is good. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

  • Anthony Treash - When I first took M Stak i didnt know what ...

    When I first took M Stak i didnt know what to expect. I took my first packet 30 minutes before my lift and when i started my lift i blacked out. A few hours later i woke up next to a freeway with my shirt all cut up and covered in blood. I went back to the gym confused and when i walked in everyone ran away and started to scream. I turned into the hulk and destroyed the gym. And if anyone got in my way i threw them. This product got me mas gainz.

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