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  • gmredline - I'm sure it has a place somewhere.

    This product is okay but I'm not sure where it should be slotted as a "cleaner/de-greaser". I bought it to clean an old gas grill and followed the instructions for application. It took many applications to get the grill clean. I wish I would have bought something stronger the first time.

  • MO School of Religion - Hidden Costs

    Was annoyed that the product only came with subscription for one employee - you are then required to pay extra for additional employees. How do they note this - with a footnote on the 2nd part of the product disclaimer. I have used quickbooks for over 12 years and have not had them do this.

  • James.T - It works!

    I had severe acne since I was 10 years old. It's been over a decade and my skin keeps having break-out. It never stopped and I was hopeless. I have tried many products, including Proactiv and the regular AcneFree for the last decade. However, nothing really worked, until I found it. Why did I not find it earlier?! Why did I wait this long to see it after my skin has been damaged by acne scars. All the acne is gone, I mean, seriously my skin is completely clean! Guys, just try it once, just once and see how it will change your confidence and smile. Make sure you use the Toner and the Moisturizer!

  • Magical Unicorn - Review in a bottle

    If ye be readin' this review, it be too late fer me, matey, fer i find meself stranded on these wild shores with nothing but this blasted book and me wits to live upon. The Amity had been sailin' fer a fortnight when some cursed treacherous blasted devil of a storm took us. We found ourselves drifting in dark, murderous waters with nothin' to guide us but a copy of "How To Avoid Large Ships" and the wail of the Sirens' Song (a topic which is regrettably absent from this book). Suddenly, our minds confounded by this wonder, we were beset upon by a ship, though there was some debate among the crew as to whether it qualified as "Huge" or the much more popular "Very, VERY Large". In the end, the quartermaster was gutted, but I had took him for a scurvy knave and felt no loss in his absence.

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