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  • Anna - Good coffee table book

    Great book for leaving around on a coffee table for folks that want to entertain themselves for just a few minutes at a time... I guess it would also be good as a bathroom reader for the same reason.

  • HappyShopper - Don't buy

    I bought it as a test, and all it did was make my stomach hurt and I lose absolutely no weight. I'm pretty active, not very but active enough. I just needed a bit of a boost and yet this did nothing and was a complete waste of money (go figure). Stick to something natural.

  • granny - Fantastic!!

    In the middle of the night the pain in my hands woke me up. I reached down in bed and put my hands on the top of my earthing half sheet and within a very short period of time the pain was gone.

  • Joseph H. - A lesson in "Buyer Beware"

    This book was an example of "good idea" "Poor execution" First of all, this is not an officially licensed "Ghostbusters" product. This was known from the get-go, however, for something made by a fan, for the fans, you'd think more time and effort would be put fourth. This book was clearly done in haste, the font and spacing is designed to fill up alot of pages with very little content, and the conetent's accuracy to even a fictional universe is questionable at best. Not to mention that the author does a poor job gramatically, and otherwise of trying to write a book that is supposedly penned by a late 19th/early 20th century scholar.

  • Theresa - It's working!

    In a small handful of days, my armpits have significantly whitened and smoothened. Does the job without irritation. I've tried other products that burned and dried up my underarms, making the skin tone look worse. I haven't had any burnt or dried up skin at all. Will purchase again.

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