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  • Nickie S - Great stuff

    A few people have recommended this to me and I never thought that anything other than really powerful and smelly cleaners would manage to do a big job. Boy was I wrong. This stuff cuts through everything and gets things sparkling clean. I can't believe how well it did on my patio furniture. Everything looks new and is clean and sparkling again. I think I will even be able to fib and say some of the stuff I have is new or not as old as it really is. I plan on using it in the shower next.

  • velvet serpent - These provide excellent support and compression without hindering movement.

    These Knee  Sleeves by Mava Sports are exactly what I needed.  I've noticed that for the last few years my knees are giving me more discomfort after an intense work out or after playing sports. I was looking for a supportive device that I could wear while playing hockey. I did not want to use the braces with gears, or the braces that had the metal flex bars ( those always seem to rip open after a lot of use). I do not need the level of support that a knee brace would provide,  but I definitely do need some support. Also, when I have tried those kinds of knee brace type supports in the past, they seemed to hinder my movements, and lower my overall performance.

  • James Lee - I have never been a good eater because I am in sales

    Okay here is the real truth about Juice Plus. I have used multivitamins in the past, but multivitamins are not whole food based and do not have the absorption rate as whole food plant-based products. Juice Plus is a whole food, and the enzymes and properties that are important to nutrition stays intact. I have never been a good eater because I am in sales, and notoriously eat processed foods that are horrible for me, and I know it, but time prevents me from eating the best that I can. Juice plus gets a horrible rap because it originated as a multilevel marketing company. But I have to tell you the product is excellent. Case in point, Dr. Black's is a very popular product that sold on QVC. It cost about $50 a month for 180 capsules. Juice plus cost about $44 a month plus shipping for 240 capsules. Dr. Black requires you take six capsules a day where as juice plus only requires you to take 4 per day. Two garden in the morning and two vegetable in the evening is preferred. If you read the ingredients you will find that the juice plus has about 40% more vitamin C than the Dr. Black's product that actually cost more money and is sold online. You do not have to get involved with juice plus as a business in order to use it. It's a simple subscription that allows you to buy the product for up to four months at a time and no one calls you. No one will bother you. The first thing that you were going to notice about juice plus and Dr. Black's product is that you will definitely have more energy. These products are both excellent and share different ingredients but I believe that the juice plus is more broad based and better for every day. Don't let the marketing deny you of this excellent product. If you consistently take it you will notice that you do not require as much sleep and energy levels will be good. And once the product is builds up in your system you will not get Colds and be sick. I am telling you it works and if I get off of it for whatever reason it doesn't take me very long and I can definitely feel the difference.

  • RC 1911 - Cake Batter

    So I've tried many other brands of protein powder but I've never tried a cake batter flavor. I would say that the powder definitely taste it like cake batter. I've never been much of a chocolate guy so I like to try the other flavors. This powder does mix very well although it does come out to making a thin Shake. But I believe but that's how it's supposed to be considering the calorie count. It's not as thick as Muscle Milk but it's half the calories so everything's a trade-off I guess. I would describe the flavor is good but I'm still looking for my ultimate favorite flavor.

  • Mike_L - What will happen? We'll find out.

    I'm very anal about what I use on my cars. In the past I would only use Zaino Show Car polish on them. When I blew out my neck and back I started looking for products that required less work, since Zaino needs to be layered and is very labor intensive. This seems like it might be it. The dealer offered it to me when I bought my 2012 Yukon Denali. Its a large vehicle, so anything to make life easier is good. I have Simonizes version my 2011 CTS-V, and was very unhappy with it. The dealer explained that I wasn't alone, and that was why they switched from Simonize to Xzilon. Supposedly Xzilon is superior. I hope so. It cost me ~$100 more then the Simonize ($695 vs $599), so if its not better, I'm going to be one PO'd dude.

  • yohmama - Recommended

    Works great! I particularly like that it updates continuously in small pieces (this avoids clogging up somewhat unreliable wireless service). The feature that allows you to block ad tracking on websites is also very nice.

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