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  • Vincci - Overall he said its a great book for preparing to take your exam

    I got this for my brother who is studying to be a Pharmacy Technician, He is almost done with his studies,so this was more just something he could look through.

  • AmazonJunkie - Know your product!

    It is important to know what hair types that products work on. From whatI see and have heard, it works on most anyone's. I live in the south and there is HIGH heat and HIGH humidity here as we are near the gulf.

  • Hannah - They Fired The First Shot 2012

    This is an eye opening and quick read book even if it is so think. This just tells you as you read this book there is alot of information you did not know, and how long the play of Gov. has gone on and where it is taking us and why. Religion also has a side to what is happening to it. You can't put it down, so read a few chapters at a time. Easy to read bigger letters. You will not be sorry!!!

  • FA Electrician - Freedom

    After reading They Fired the First Shot, I felt like yelling, "F-R-E-E-D-O-M", like in the movie Braveheart. I am reading They Fired the First Shot for the third time. I learn more every time I read it. This book pushes me to be a better Catholic Christian and a better Christian American. I am looking for solutions locally. Not just in the government but in my church. I am reading my own state's constitution. I appreciate that the book gives me something more to do for the country I love than just wait to vote in 2016 and call my congressman, again, and again, and again, just to get the same result. Nothing.

  • Kevin McKnight - A recipe book has to be both interesting and useful. It definitely is the former

    I haven't bought this book, and I won't. I perused it at a local bookstore. The measurement thing that others have mentioned is a complete nonstarter. A recipe book has to be both interesting and useful. It definitely is the former. And sadly, it is also NOT the latter. I'm at a loss as to why the recipes are set up for his own interests and not the willing buyer. Selfishness comes to mind. Or egotistical.

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