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Medical Imaging Consultants | X-ray, Ultrasound, Mammography - Canada's largest radiology partnership, providing diagnostic and medical imaging services at 11 clinics in the Edmonton area.

  • http://mic.ca/locations MIC | Locations - 12 diagnostic imaging clinics in the Edmonton area - MIC operates 12 clinics in the Edmonton area. Find the most convenient location, here.
  • http://mic.ca/our-practice MIC | Our Practice – All about Canada's largest radiology partnership - Canada's largest radiology partnership, providing diagnostic and medical imaging services at 12 clinics in the Edmonton area.
  • http://mic.ca/for-patients MIC | For Patients - booking appointments, imaging procedure information - Medical Imaging Consultants operates 12 diagnostic imaging clinics between Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, and Ft. Saskatchewan. These services span a large number of modalities or disciplines consisting of bone densitometry, CT, fluoroscopy, mammography, MRI, nuclear medicine, pain management, ultrasound, varicose vein treatment, whole body composition, and x-ray.
  • http://mic.ca/for-practitioners MIC | For Physicians - requisition forms, MICConnect, prep instructions - Medical Imaging Consultants is a partnership of more than 80 radiologists, serving 5 major hospitals, and operating 12 clinics between Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, and Ft. Saskatchewan. Here, you’ll find articles regarding the medical imaging industry, exam preparation instructions, MIC’s requisition forms, and information about our MICConnect portal.
  • http://mic.ca/careers MIC | Careers - medical imaging careers, employment, radiologists - Medical Imaging Consultants is a radiology partnership offering exciting and meaningful career opportunities for radiologists, imaging technologists and support staff. Here, you will learn about the benefits of working with MIC, as well as information about to join our team.
  • http://mic.ca/for-practitioners/micconnect MIC | MICConnect - Intelerad, referring physician portal - Medical Imaging Consultants offers physicians immediate access to reports and images through our Intelerad- based MICConnect portal. Here you will find all everything that you'll need to access the MICConnect Referring Physician Portal.
  • http://mic.ca/for-patients/procedure-information/x-ray MIC | X-Ray - procedure information, preparation instructions - An x-ray is a noninvasive medical test that helps physicians diagnose and treat medical conditions. Here, you can find information about how x-ray procedures are performed, what to expect during your appointment, and how Medical Imaging Consultants uses x-rays to help diagnose medical conditions.
  • http://mic.ca/for-patients/procedure-information/ultrasound MIC | Ultrasound - sonography, obstetrical, preparation instructions - Ultrasound imaging or sonography is a large part of Medical Imaging Consultants. It is a noninvasive procedure that helps physicians diagnose and treat medical conditions, as well as monitor obstetrical status. Here you will find information about the exams, their purposes, and how to prepare for your appointment.
  • http://mic.ca/for-patients/procedure-information/fluoroscopy MIC | Fluoroscopy - procedure information, prep instructions - Fluoroscopy is a study of movement through body structures - it is like an x-ray movie. At Medical Imaging Consultants, fluorosocopy is used in our clinics for upper and lower gastrointestinal studies such as esophagus and barium enemas, as well as image guided pain management procedures.
  • http://mic.ca/for-patients/procedure-information/nuclear-medicine MIC | Nuclear Medicine - Cardiac studies, MIBI, exercise stress test, renal scan - Medical Imaging Consultants offers nuclear medicine exams. These tests use small amounts of radioactive material to diagnose or treat diseases like, cancer, heart disease, and certain other abnormalities within the body. They are also used to perform cardiac studies like, gated cardiac scans, and myocardial perfusion imaging with ejection fraction (MIBI).
  • http://mic.ca/for-patients/procedure-information/mammography MIC | Mammography - breast cancer screening, women's health - Mammography is a specific type of imaging that uses a low-dose x-ray system to examine breasts. Here, you will find information about mammogram examinations and how Medical Imaging Consultants uses them to detect serious diseases like breast cancer.
  • http://mic.ca/for-patients/procedure-information/bone-densitometry MIC | Bone Densitometry - Osteoporosis, prep instructions, exam applications - Bone densitometry measures the bone mineral content in various sites of the body, allowing a physician to diagnose osteoporosis and assess a patient's risk of suffering bone fractures. Here, you will find information about this exam and how to prepare for your appointment.
  • http://mic.ca/for-patients/procedure-information/43-pain-management MIC | Pain Management - Medical Imaging Consultants offers a wide range of services including, bone densitometry, CT, fluoroscopy, mammography, MRI, nuclear medicine, pain management, ultrasound, varicose vein treatment, whole body composition, and x-ray. Here we have featured descriptions, information, and frequently asked questions for all of the diagnostic and interventional exams we perform.

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  • Amazon Customer - Love these!

    These are great! I have replaced the sweet tea I used to drink every morning, which was 100+ calories per serving, with one of these packets mixed in cold water (total of only 5 calories per serving), and I have plenty of energy and am not starving all morning. My favorite flavor is Raspberry Citrus, but all 3 flavors are good.

  • B. Davis - I like it

    The only reason I do not give five stars is because it is not silent but it is pretty quiet and for under $100 it's one of the decade's best bargains. First let me say that I am a 53 year old female and in fairly good shape. My main exercise is walking - I walk five miles at least four times a week (also use my bike to run errands and shop). I wanted something to do on my no-walk days that would work different muscles. The Gazelle is fun and not difficult or unpleasant so of course I'm thinking "this can't be doing any good". No Pain No Gain right? But walking doesn't hurt and is enjoyable too and it does plenty of good so why can't the Gazelle be fun and still effective? I do 30 - 40 minutes on the Gazelle about three times a week, sometimes to a TV program and sometimes to music. When working out to music the Gazelle is exceptionally accomodating in that you can adjust your pace and stride to match ANY tempo. You can really go at it on this thing or you can take it easy. I like being able to alter the intensity. The fact that it is pleasant and enjoyable is more important than you might think - the more fun it is the more apt you are to use it and I don't care how expensive or "efficient" a piece of equipment is if you don't enjoy using it eventually YOU WON'T and how much good will it do then? The Gazelle will be your buddy, not the enemy sitting there waiting to punish you. I have rigged mine up with padded cotton on the foot platforms and cotton socks pulled over the handles so that I can just get on barefoot with no preparation whatsoever and go. All I'm in contact with is cotton which feels really good when you heat up. Hands up high on the handles and you are getting a good upper body workout, hands in the middle section and you are sharing the load between upper and lower body, hands low down and your legs are doing most of the work. As fun and easy as it is when I get off my legs are wobbly so I know for certain that I have been exerting myself. You can work out in many ways like others have said in their reviews - twisting, leaning forward or back, bending you knees, up on your toes, etc. I didn't get a video but lively music will spur you to move in new and creative ways if you get into it. It's like dancing! I did not bother with the electronic read-out thing - it looks pretty useless to me. The clicks and squeaks (and yes I made sure all connections were tight) are not that bad, you can still easily watch TV or listen to music. I have my TV watching/CD playing device right smack in front of my face when I am on the Gazelle, as close as it can be considering the forward swing of the pedals. The whole thing is a simple system of frame and swinging foot platforms suspended by cables - NO PISTONS TO HEAT UP AND LEAK. If there are animals in your house that don't have enough sense to stay away from the Gazelle when you are using it (you know the type) you will want to put your Gazelle in a room or area that can be closed off. Frame tubing is fat and comes in a nice looking silvery gray finish. It's not what would be considered compact so you will need plenty of floor space - at least 34" wide and 74" long to allow for full swing. One reviewer mentioned clips that would hold the foot platforms against the tubing when folding the Gazelle but I have yet to find those on mine, maybe I have a different model. Personally I am really glad that I do not have to fold and store mine, it's heavy and big and I'm certain I'd never use it if I had to go through that much trouble. I highly recommend the Gazelle for people who have the space to keep it up and the time to use it for at least 30 minutes several times a week. I had knee pain from a step machine but I do not have knee pain from the Gazelle.

  • Forrest Milder - Works very well; couldn't they update to micro-USB?

    Comfortable on my ear, but it doesn't "hug" my ear the way I wish it would. Everyone can hear me, and I can hear them (but it is slightly better if I wedge a small amount of tissue around it to better fit my ear. Wireless hookup was effortless, and talk time is huge, more than 6 hours on a charge. Only other criticism is the non-standard connector. I'm one of those people who almost never buys non-standard connectors (because I lose them), but the reviews of the Plantronics were so far beyond anyone else's product that I bought it and FOUR spare cables (Plantronics to USB), and put one in my briefcase, one in my camera bag, one in the car, one in the house, and keep the original in the office. So far, so good.

  • Eldon - Great

    Great product. I have it on my 2013 Tacoma. The installation was simple and quick. Thanks to others that let me know to purchase the extended hitch bolt for Tacomas. So far it has kept weather out and keys safe.

  • April M. Williams - I haven't finished reading it but even with my accounting ...

    I haven't finished reading it but even with my accounting background and knowledge to do friends taxes...This book as been a wealth of knowledge.

  • Donald B. Nauer - Works as stated. Fantastic

    Purchased this product from Costco since I heard it advertised on the radio and how well it works. I applied it per directions as to mix and mopped it to my composite deck that had mildew. After a late summer and fall season of rain, about 2-1/2 months worth, it cleaned to like new. I Also used it on vinyl siding with a garden sprayer. My north facing siding here in Huntley Ilinois is subjected to strong winds and had become extremely dirty. Again after 2-1/2 months it came out like new siding. Power washing is a no no as it will destroy the finish and this is why I used Wet and Forget. I can't understand the reported issues of not working since I have over three years of use in various applications, have found it to be a real time and money saver that has worked just fantastic for me.

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