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Micromedex Solutions | Evidence Clinical Decision Support - Read the August 2014 issue of Micromedex Insights, our bimonthly e-newsletter, for insights to getting the most from Your Micromedex Solutions.

  • http://micromedex.com/contact-micromedex Contact Micromedex Solutions Customer & Technical Support - Contact Micromedex Solutions for customer support or more information on product and Technical support
  • http://micromedex.com/about-micromedex About Micromedex Company | Leadership Team Information - Mircromedex Solutions offer evidence-based resources used by clinicians to inform clinical decision making and educate patients for better outcomes.
  • http://micromedex.com/products/product-suites Micromedex Product Suites | Market Solutions - Micromedex Solutions - offer evidence-based resources used by clinicians - Product suites available
  • http://micromedex.com/360-care-insights 360 Care Insights Suite | Real-Time Patient Surveillance - Micromedex 360 Care Insights is a real-time clinical surveillance solution that delivers patient-specific clinical decision support at the point of care.
  • http://micromedex.com/pharmacy-intervention Micromedex Pharmacy Intervention | Medication Therapy - Micromedex Pharmacy Intervention is a real-time clinical surveillance solution with embedded evidence-based CDS rules to support Meaningful Use.
  • http://micromedex.com/infection-prevention Micromedex Infection Prevention | Clinical Surveillance - Micromedex Infection Prevention is a real-time clinical surveillance solution that identifies at-risk patients and prevents hospital-acquired infections.
  • http://micromedex.com/carefocus Micromedex CareFocus | Patient Data Clinical Profiling - Micromedex CareFocus is a single-screen profiling engine that continuously applies clinical logic against real-time data to identify at-risk patients.
  • http://micromedex.com/clinician-rounding Micromedex Clinician Rounding | Caregiver Transition - Micromedex Clinician Rounding combines real-time, patient-specific monitoring with evidence-based resources for a streamlined patient care process.
  • http://micromedex.com/360-care-insights-integration-options 360 Care Insights Integration Options | Mobile Apps - Micromedex 360 Care Insights, a real-time clinical surveillance solution, can be integrated within any hospital IT environment.
  • http://micromedex.com/patient-connect Micromedex Patient Connect Suite | Education & Engagement - Micromedex Patient Connect delivers evidence-based, comprehensive patient and consumer health education and engagement resources for every stage care.
  • http://micromedex.com/carenotes CareNotes Micromedex Patient Education Resources - Micromedex CareNotes patient education delivers evidence-based patient education for every stage of care, including discharge and medication instructions.
  • http://micromedex.com/carenotes/updates CareNotes Patient Education Updates - Discover all of the new updates available for Micromedex CareNotes patient education solution, and see what we're planning for future upgrades.
  • http://micromedex.com/medication-essential-fact-sheets Online Medication Essential Fact Sheets - Increase patient satisfaction and boost medication-related HCAHPS scores with Medication Essential Fact Sheets
  • http://micromedex.com/medication-instructions Micromedex Medication Instructions Patient Education - Micromedex Medication Instructions delivers evidence-based, customizable, easy-to-understand medication information and instructions.
  • http://micromedex.com/alternative-meds Alternative Medicine | Micromedex Solutions - Micromedex Alternative Medicine delivers comprehensive, easy-to-understand alternative medication information.
  • http://micromedex.com/pediatric-video-education Pediatric Video Education | Health Nuts Media - Micromedex Pediatric Video Education delivers health education videos for a more complete, interactive, and effective education experience for children.
  • http://micromedex.com/smartengage Consumer Health Education and Engagement | Health Tools - Consumer Health Education, featuring SmartEngage, provides evidence-based consumer health education resources to extend your reach to your community.
  • http://micromedex.com/patient-connect/integration-options Integration Options | Patient Connect Solutions - Micromedex Patient Connect solutions can be easily integrated within any hospital IT environment.
  • http://micromedex.com/clinical-knowledge Micromedex Clinical Knowledge Suite | Evidence Resources - Micromedex Clinical Knowledge is a single solution of clinical decision support delivering comprehensive, evidence-based resources and referential content.
  • http://micromedex.com/pharmaceutical-knowledge Micromedex Pharmaceutical Knowledge | Role-Based Solution - Pharmaceutical professionals in non-hospital settings use the Micromedex Pharmaceutical Knowledge solution as a key source of trusted evidence.
  • http://micromedex.com/medication-management Micromedex Medication Management | Clinical Knowledge - Medication Management is a single source of complete evidence-based drug and medication recommendations to support confident decision making.
  • http://micromedex.com/disease-condition-management Micromedex Disease & Condition Management - Comprehensive, evidence-based resources for disease and condition management for confident treatment decisions.
  • http://micromedex.com/toxicology-management Micromedex Toxicology and Exposure Management - Micromedex Toxicology Management is an evidence-based solution for quickly identifying, managing, and treating toxicological exposures.
  • http://micromedex.com/products/product-suites/clinical-knowledge/redbook RED BOOK | Healthcare Drug Pricing Resource - RED BOOK is our comprehensive product and pricing guide for identification, analysis, and comparison of drug and non-drug products.
  • http://micromedex.com/neofax-pediatric NeoFax Drug Information & Pediatrics - NeoFax and Pediatrics is a comprehensive drug dosing and parenteral nutrition support solution for neonatal and pedatric patient populations.
  • http://micromedex.com/clinical-knowledge-integration-options Micromedex Clinical Knowledge Integration Options - Micromedex Solutions partner with leading technology vendors, offering integration-ready evidence-based resources for clinical decision support.
  • http://micromedex.com/products/product-suites/integrated-evidence Integrated Evidence-Based Resources CDS & Patient Education - Micromedex Solutions offers EHR/EMR integration-ready evidence-based resources for clinical decision support and patient education.
  • http://micromedex.com/products/product-suites/integrated-evidence/when-where-you-need-it Integrated Evidence | Electronic Patient Record - Learn how Micromedex Solutions are delivered directly to the point of patient care with full integration into thousands of hospital information systems.
  • http://micromedex.com/products/product-suites/integrated-evidence/consumer-education Consumer Engagement | Hospitals Information Systems - Micromedex solutions are delivered directly to the point of care with full integration into thousands of hospitals’ information system
  • http://micromedex.com/products/product-suites/integrated-evidence/clinical-evidence-content-bundles Micromedex Clinical Evidence | Clinical Decision Support (CDS) - Micromedex Solutions offers bundles of EHR/EMR integration-ready evidence-based resources for clinical decision support and patient education.

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  • Robin J. Lange - Not what it used to be, and it costs you to find that out.

    Having used Kaspersky for a few years I felt safe in upgrading. Big mistake. It crashes and throws up warnings for no apparent reason - and submitting help tickets is like howling into the wilderness. No responses other than that they've received your notice. Impossible to get to a real person. And should you make the mistake, like I did, of taking longer than 30 days to try to get this to work then you, like I, will get absolutely no refund - no discussion, no attempts to help, just a little email quoting their Iron Clad Holy Thirty Day Rule. So I've learned my lesson - I've literally paid to learn my lesson, and have moved on to a different Internet Security program.

  • Justin - RIPOFF!!

    TV works for a couple of months than shorts out. The d bags at the manufacturer then want you to pay another $100 to have it shipped back to them. Their customer service is awful. There are 2 miserable chics who are as dumb as rocks. DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!!! COMPANY IS FULL OF CROOKS AND SCAM ARTISTS

  • Amie Gossage - Longer and thicker

    I have pretty nice lashes but I thought figured why not. It stung some when I applied but my eyes are sensitive. My lashes seem a little thicker and I have only been using just over a week. I can't wait to see what the final result is.

  • Krieger Conradt - This is a great product. I watched the tutorial videos in the ...

    This is a great product. I watched the tutorial videos in the help menu and several others on YouTube and made my first video ever. Easy to use and actually fun to use to.

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