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  • LiveItAs - Wonderful Cookware, Wonderful Customer Service

    I have had my french oven for about 15 years. One day I put it on a hot burner without thinking, and the enamel popped off! I could have cried. I sent it to them, and they did confirm it was my abuse (I already knew that), but offered a new one for $88. I took them up on it. 100% my fault.....I was not thinking.

  • Paul - Replaced the plastic factory DEF cap with a sturdy aluminum one looks great no chance of breaking seals ...

    Replaced the plastic factory DEF cap with a sturdy aluminum one looks great no chance of breaking seals great definitely a great upgrade from the factory one.

  • Trill - Idol lash scammed me

    I purchased Idol Lash after having eyelash extenstions removed. I wanted the thicker longer lashes that Idol Lash was claiming to deliver. I have used it as directed & have seen zero results. Only thing I did get was scammed by a company outta Virginia! They were charging my credit card for a membership fee that I had no part of! I did get my money refunded after threatening to report them 2 my credit card agency. I do not recomend this product. Beware of online buying

  • Amazon Customer - Simply amazing

    This is by far the best scar cream I have ever tried. I have tried multiple other brands and they were either too harsh, leaving my pores clogged and skin irritated, or just simply ineffective. My skin is extremely sensitive, and I typically do an "allergy test" before applying a new product, but I was so fed up with a couple of acne scars on my face I just decided to go for it without a test. I applied this before going to bed and I woke up to clearer, more even skin. I've been using it now for a couple of weeks (both morning and night) and have noticed such a huge improvement on my skin, and no negative reaction whatsoever. I've even applied it to healing blemishes and it has greatly reduced the healing time and left no mark or scar behind. A little bit truly goes a long way. The formula is light, non-greasy, and absorbs quickly. It feels soothing on the skin. If you're on the fence, take the plunge, you won't regret it. I'll definitely be ordering this again as soon as I start running low. I don't want to be without it!

  • Pamela - Very difficult to use

    This product freezes up and crashes on a regular basis! I would not recommend this products to anyone. Also difficult to set up.

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