mon village est mon avenir - MON VILLAGE EST MON AVENIR : rester au village ou y revenir, participer au réveil et au développement de sa nouvelle économie, ce n'est plus utopique. Ou du moins, c'est l'utopie

Country:, Europe, FR

City: 2.3292 Paris, France

  • Piccoflute - It came as expected and downloaded great. I was looking for Microsoft Word and Excel

    This was an e-code. It came as expected and downloaded great. I was looking for Microsoft Word and Excel, but to buy the two of them separately was more expensive than buying this package. This package included Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. I disabled the computer process for having OneNote ready to open and be used to use less RAM because I'm not interested in using it.

  • Hemant Baidwan - This is wonderful, no steaks and dries quickly

    So not clean your hardwood with anything else except Bona. This is wonderful, no steaks and dries quickly. Also gives a little shine to the hardwood. My dog often finds himself slipping on it after a good clean :)

  • Amy Gonzalez - Entertaing for babies

    This water may keeps my baby niece entertained for a while. She loves it. In her mind she is splaHong water around and it's so amazing how happy she gets while doing so!! It's super easy to fill and absolutely no leaks have occured. It also is made with think plastic so the chance of the plastic ripping is very slim. I love it! This is my honest review given in exchange of receiving this at a free or reduced rate.

  • Bill Stein - A very good space warfare series

    I liked this series. I've read several future-military novel series, and this one was considerably darker, but continuously moving. There were no long lulls, and there were quite a few unexpected twists.

  • Jeanny House - Cost-effective, environmentally-effective, and effective-effective! A winner.

    I bought this a few weeks ago after my local tea shop introduced me to "tea soda" (concentrated tea with soda water). I knew I'd be drinking a lot of it and didn't want to have all the waste with purchased club soda -- plastic bottles, flat water, etc.

  • Kels - no results

    I should have known better and done a little more research. I've used other products which not only work, but you have to stop using the product because your eyelashes hit your sunglasses!! But I saw the price and read a couple of reviews online (obviously these were sponsored reviews) and thought I'd give it a shot! It does NOT work at all. I do not have longer or thicker eyelashes and I have used it every night for over 4 weeks. This product simply does not work. Save your money. From my experience, I've tried NeuLash and Latisse, both work great.

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