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  • Uncle Willy - Publisher 2010 is not good

    I've used Publisher for 12 years to publish a magazine and I love the program. However I hate the 2010 version. MS has reworked what was a great program and fixed things that were not broken. They eliminated good tools from the 2000, 2003, 2007 versions for the sake of making change in my opinion. The new ribbon style toolbars makes it harder and far more time consuming to use than the older versions and if you want help it's practically non-existant. There was no comprehensive manual on the market for months so after waiting 6+ months I bought the first real manual from a Shelly Cashman series of textbooks. There is a basic version ($50) and a complete version ($85). I found the complete version a complete waste of money. It was apparent it was written by a team of scholars with lots of theory concepts and no experience. It's well illustrated, but redundant and very low level.

  • Amazon Customer - Best oil for LOC method

    The Agadir hair product line is my absolute favorite. I must purchase the product from Amazon as it is way cheaper online than in my local Walgreens. The scent from this product smells so good Ive had people ask me what fragrance Im wearing. I wash, deep condition with steam, and set my hair - then sit under a dryer. This oil is placed on my hair after deep conditioning along with sebastian wet. I use it to set my hair. It helps dry hair faster too!

  • California Girl - I love this shampoo!

    I love this shampoo! I love that you really only need to use a drop the size of a dime, and it creates great lather, with that in mind a bottle lasts me about 6 months or so. In that respect, the price isn't so bad.

  • D. S. Tolbert - Amazing. Best Exfoliant EVER!

    Over the years I've played with many facial care products and never really liked them or enjoyed them. That is, until I found Vivo Per Lei! I've tried time and time again to find a really good exfoliant... something that I felt got the dead skin off my face without being so abrasive I might as well have just used sandpaper. When I stumbled across this I was sold. I didn't buy it right away at the mall kiosk but I went back a few months later because it was Christmas time when they showed it to me and I didn't have the money at the time to spend on myself and this stuff at mall kiosks tends to be pretty expensive. This stuff was so good I literally had dreams about it and every time I looked at my face and thought about exfoliating this stuff popped right to my mind. I got it home and that night I put it on my face and I was in heaven. The dead skin just came sloughing off. It was amazing!

  • C. Winton - Has trivialized filing taxes for me

    I don't have a lot of tax complications, but have enough of them that I might be tempted to take my business to a professional tax preparer. I credit this software with the fact that I have not had to do so. I been using the H&R Block software for some years now and have been repeatedly impressed by how thoroughly it covers the tax code. Like many people, I have a number of things which don't change from year to year, so it is important for the software to import the data associated with those from the prior year, a feature of this software that has always worked flawlessly. The software also trivializes the process of e-filing for me, assuring a quick turnaround on any refund. I used to check the results from this software against my own calculations, and quickly determined it was always at least as good, and typically better at it. I now trust it implicitly, although I still review the results for reasonableness. I recommend it highly.

  • CyFire - Nothing better than Windows built in features.

    Product does not perform as described. Started a tech support over a month ago and still nothing. Tried demo first but all the features I wanted were disabled in the demo. No wounder too they did not work in the actual product. If all you are doing is burning a CD then by all means waste your money. But if you want to do something that you need to pay for the features then pass on this one. Does not do what it claims and there is no tech support.

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