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  • Amber - Good system for mild acne

    I am 30 and have had mild to moderate acne all of my life. Most of my breakouts are in the chin area. I have been using this system for 2 weeks and it seems to be clearing up my skin, but if you're looking for a product that works quickly, this is not it. That being said, it is clearing up the acne, and my skin is looking better day by day. I used the system night and day (and although you're not really supposed to, I spot treated the nasty pimples a few times a day with the Step 3 lotion.) My skin is pretty sensitive and I could feel the effects of drying a bit, mostly under my eyes, so I would consider at least moisturizing there after each use. When I could feel my skin getting too dry I cut down the use to night only, with spot treatments of Step 3. I did notice a reduction in pores on my nose as well. Be careful when touching clothing and towels, the peroxide can have a bleaching effect on fabrics. Overall a good system to use daily, for mild to moderate acne. I have actually tried Proactive and loved it, but for the price, I would use this again if it keeps my skin mostly clear. I would suggest this item for anyone to try at this price. I need to give it more time to see if it has any preventative qualities as well.

  • Brainwall - Flexible hold, doesn't make hair crunchy.

    I don't often use hairspray--the last one I bought is still mostly full after two years of owning it, so I don't an extensive repertoire of products to balance this against. That being said, I did find an opportunity to use this a few days ago. I wore my hair pulled back in a high ponytail because my hair wasn't cooperating and I use it to keep my hair in place. The scent was surprisingly nice for an aerosol hairspray. I wouldn't wear it as perfume, but it didn't make me gag like "Aquanet" or something like that would have. I am used to be extra-hold hairspray so I underestimated how much of this I would have to put on. After probably three spray downs my hair was held fairly well. I still had to use bobbypins on the sides though because this didn't completely tame my flyaways, but for the most part it held nicely. My main praise for this hairspray was the fact that my hair didn't look stiff, greasy, and crunchy after applying it. Even after running a fine toothed comb through my hair it still looked natural. I am so used to gels that hold the shape of whatever I do to my hair and will leave comb lines or bobbypin marks--but this didn't do that at all. Infact, when I let my hair down later all I had to do was brush my hair out and it felt like I had never had hairspray in in the first place. Definitely lives up to the "Spray & Play" branding.

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