Mount Zion Medical College Mount Zion Medical College - "The Mount Zion Medical College was established in the year 2012 by the Mount Zion Charitable and Welfare Trust at Ezhamkulam, Adoor. The College includes all the clinical Departments, such as Departments of General Medicine, General Surgery, Orthopaedics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Ophthalmology, Oto -Rhino –Laryngology ENT), Anaesthesiology, Radio-diagnosis, Radio therapy, and Dentistry and non clinical Departments such as Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Pathology, Microbiology, Forensic Medicine and Community Medicine. The College has capacity to provide admission to one hundred students of MBBS course every year. Highly qualified and experienced medical teachers have been identified and appointed for teaching. The Mount Zion Medical College, Adoor has obtained permission (No Objection Certificate) from The Kerala State Government and is recognized by the Kerala University of Health Sciences. Modern and spacious buildings have been designed and constructed for the Medical College. The 300 bedded multispeciality Hospital attached to the College incorporates all the specialities, mentioned above and superspecialities such as Nephrology, Neurology, Gastro-enterology , Cardiology, Urology, Neurosurgery, Surgical gastro enterology, Plastic surgery and Paediatric surgery. The hospital aims to provide unique and better service for all patients who comes to this institution regardless of their financial status, age, religion or colour. With its long term vision, effective planning and dedication, the Medical College envisages to reach global standards in medical and education and patient service. We have embarked upon this prestigious project to render our humble services to the advancement of medical education in our states."

Country:, North America, US

City: -95.4739 Texas, United States

  • Ashley Yu - but this one is smart. Instead of squeezing it with your both hands

    I've used several types of pepper/salt grinder, but this one is smart. Instead of squeezing it with your both hands, you can easily do it with just one hand. It's so much more convenient that way. Also I like the texture of the bottle, it feels very smooth and comfortable to hold onto. I have got relatively small hands, and I have no problem holding it with one hand at all. I absolutely love it. If there is some drawback that I have to point out, it is that I wish it could be a little bit bigger. Right now it can hold an okay quantity of sale or pepper. But I really like it big so I don't have to fill it often. But it's only my personal preference really, this bottle has already been bigger than some pepper / salt mill I saw in some restaurants.

  • Jeanne B - ... using this for awhile and i must say i love it.

    Been using this for awhile and i must say i love connects to your obd port under your dashboard in order for it to work, whats great is that the you dont have to look down at your speedometer at all, all the info is projected onto a small piece of film on your windshield, if you do alot of highway driving than this is for you!!!!!

  • Susan - Love this Eye Cream

    Skederm Ultimate Eye Cream ~ I don't know that I've ever even said this before but I noticed a difference the very first time I used this eye cream! The packaging is very pretty. It's a beautiful blue cannister with a great little airless pump which dispenses the perfect amount. It's 0.5 ounces but using it only on the eye area should last quite some time. You only need a very little amount of this cream. It has a very faint scent to it. It's so faint I can hardly smell it at all. The cream goes on beautifully. I have lived in Florida most of my life so unfortunately I'm starting to see signs of fine lines above my eyes which I can't believe and they just make me feel older! The first thing people notice are your eyes, right? They looked terrible and I wanted to take care of this quickly, if possible. So when I applied the cream, they immediately faded. Of course I know they're not gone but they're not as noticeable. My eyes also get a little puffy underneath but the cream has helped out with that problem as well. I do have to say that it didn't soak in to my skin as quickly as I had hoped for but after seeing the results I can deal with that. It's not sticky at all! I thought it was at first and realized it was from one one of my vitamin C serums. This morning I scared myself looking in the mirror! My eyes looked I had been rough! So puffy underneath! I did not believe anything would help this mess out. Honestly! I used the cream and once again my eyes bounced back to normal. I mean, they looked so bad I didn't want to leave the house. This is by far my Favorite eye cream ever! I just can't say enough about it! I've been using it twice a day and will continue to use this to see if there are any permanent results. Because of the retinol (vitamin A) I have hopes that there will be! I received this at a reduced cost for my honest and unbiassed review of this product. I really like it and will definitely purchase it again once it's gone as long as I continue getting good results from it. I do hope my review has helped you in some way.

  • Danzen Binos - Expensive but it's a really good helmet and worth the price I paid

    I live in the middle of a desert so I have been looking around for a bike helmet that is light and have good ventilation to prevent my head from overheating while riding under the sun while still being strong enough to protect my noggin . I've never bought a bike helmet before so I decided to rely on reviews. This helmet was expensive and I wasn't sure of the size but I bit the risks and bought one anyway and, oh boy, was I so happy when it arrived!

  • Stephen Price - Decent quality but the directions don't match the 2016 Explorer body exactly

    Decent quality. I installed it on a 2016 Explorer. The directions don't exactly match up to the 2016 model, but I was able to make a solid install nonetheless.

  • T. Lang - Very good fun and work out for the family

    Purchased this for my little one and there were song for everyone young and old. We danced to everything from the Nikki Minaje to the Village People. It's great fun because up to 4 people can play at the same time. I really enjoyed it. Packaging was great and it arrived within a few days.

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